Saturday, March 5, 2011

Peak and Pit

Every Friday for almost the entire year I've been teaching, I've asked my students what the peak and pit of their week was (the best part - peak, and worst part - pit). It has been a great way to get to know my students better. Everyone has to write it in their bell work, but only a few kids share (as it could easily take the whole period). All the ages of students I've taught, from sixth graders to 12th graders really like it.

So then I was thinking, why don't I do this on my blog? I'll try to do it every friday like in my classroom, but of course, today is Saturday, so I'm already behind.

Plus, we've had some homeowners excitement around here this week, so I certainly have things to share.
My Pit: Tuesday night, DH found a leak in the wall between our bathroom and dining room! I am so thankful he heard it, because if I was alone, I wouldn't have heard it and it would've gone on for a lot longer and done a lot more damage! So that meant that we were on the phone with st.ate farm and a 24 hour plumbing company. We ended up just shutting the water off until the next afternoon when the plumber could get out there. At first we thought it was a slab leak, (which means a lot more money..Yikes!) but turns out it was just in the wall.
But this has meant that since Wednesday night when the 'restoration' company was here, we've had about 7 industrial dryers going and we've had to spend the last two nights at my mom's house. I know my mom didn't mind, but we really took advantage of her. She insisted we sleep in her bed, and she watched Macie all day for the last two days while DH and I went with our church to the Catalys.t West coast conference with An.dy Stanley.
So the current status update is that we're on day three of the dyers, they tore out about 20 square feet of our laminate floor, and there is still a whole a few feet big in our drywall in the dining room. I'm sure I'll update that more as the problem gets fixed. And we have pictures too.
My peak: There are really a lot of things to chose from. Going to that conference was amazing. It was about taking courage as a Christian leader. We heard from two non-christians (the guy who started twitter and Soledad O'b.rian from CNN) and a bunch of Christians - An.dy Stanley, Dave Ram.sey, and about 5 other great speakers. Very motivating. But the best part of all was coming home to this adorable little girl each day. She is almost walking. She has taken a bunch of steps on her own, but she still falls down. Her current record is about 9 steps. Since she'll be 10 months on Monday (right!?) I'll probably say she 'started' walking at 9 months and hopefully became proficient at 10 months.
Here is a picture to end this post. Macie has recently started biting the spoon when she's done eating. I know she looks like a cowgirl here, it's just the way her bib is positioned. I promise she didn't just come from a train robbery, it's just how she looks. promo

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