Tuesday, April 27, 2010

39 weeks 2 days

What do real contractions feel like? Better yet, what did they feel like for you? I've had two very different feelings, but neither one felt like what I expected.
Feeling #1:
Like you sneeze and your abdomen cramps up for about 3 seconds. But without the sneeze. This all takes place in the lower part of my uterus.
Feeling #2
Cramping on only one side of my uterus, but it felt like when you are going for a jog and then you get a cramp because you haven't had enough water (or whatever, but a cramp while jogging/running type feeling).

Any insight? Everyone says that I'll just 'know', but I'm bored over here and looking for any signs of labor.
Next appointment, tomorrow, 9Am. Hopefully she'll finally check me.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Already a little sad

I am not sorry to say that so far I'm enjoying my first few days of maternity leave. There have been some really hard moments that have to do with my friend Emily (I'll post seperately about her later), but today, I'm quite enjoying being home and getting things done.

I am doing some baby laundry and I'm looking at some of these amazingly cute outfits that our little one has been given. The outfit on the left is what we'll be taking her home in (it's from Res.toration hardware baby and child - who knew they had a baby store, it's all online, really expensive, and I'm in love!).
But as I was washing all these little clothes, I got a little sad thinking about how quickly she's going to outgrow them. Isn't that silly? She's not even here yet and I'm worried about her growing up. What a funny reaction. It makes me think about #2. I want to enjoy each moment with this little baby as she may be our only child, but I'm just hoping that my body will have figured out how to get pregnant and in my crazy brain I just keep praying and hoping that getting pregnant a second or third time will just be as easy a wink.
Here's to being hopeful, happy and feeling very fortunate today.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Change is a' comin'

Lots to share:
So yesterday was just a regular check up at the OB. However, my BP was elevated (and I only had gained a pound if you read my previous post, so yippee!). So Dr. Tata's comes in and gives me the run down (again) of pre-eclampsia. I get it. If I have a headache, spots, blurry vision, bleeding,...basically anything, then I am just to go to the hospital. I appriciate her concern, but I feel like I've heard that scary speech so many times from so many people that I'm becoming immune. (but of course I'm definately looking for any symptoms because I'm stupid but I'm not stupid, you know?).
Once that speech was over, she became the normal doctor again. Heartbeat sounds great, oh and b.t.w., you need to stop working NOW. No, Friday will not be your last day, today was your last day.
That was surprising. The appointment went from regular check up to, we're going to have you do another 24 hours urine test to see if you have protein, and if you do, we will induce.
Um, wow.
That was some new information. So last night was a crazy night of making sure my long term sub could start early (he could) and to make sure I had lessons planned for the rest of the week (I did), calling my bosses and getting settled.
Today has been full of that stupid urine test, and tomorrow I'll turn it in and do the bloodwork.

So if anybody is really out there, are you thinking what I'm thinking? If there is urine in my protein, ... um I could be having this baby tomorrow night or Saturday. Or Monday. If there isn't urine, I could be having this baby anytime even still.

Yup, things they are a changing!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Scale

I wake up on Dr. appointment days and think, 'what should I wear today? What will make me weigh the least amount on the dr. scale?'
Am I the only one who does this? I hate it. Last week marked a 40 lb. weight gain. What scares me so badly is that I've taken some food liberties, but not very many. It's not like I can point to eating tons of bad food, it's just been creeping up over the last 6 months or so. I didn't gain much weight at first, but now I feel like it just goes up and up!
I'm almost excited for next week because I can schedule a morning appointment and I won't have breakfast and lunch in my stomach 'weighting' me down. (pun).

But here I go, today is 38 weeks, 3 days. Will I be checked for dilation? I don't know. But I'm anxious to get things moving, although I'm still at work until Friday.

OH, and one more new symptom (not to complain, but to document).
I snore now!
Did this happen to anyone else? It's been about the last week and it's terrible! I never used to snore and I would make fun of my husband for snoring so much. But now I don't have a leg to stand on.
Are there any remedies? If you started snoring while pregnant, did it go away?

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Really, everyting in my mind is revolving around this little one coming. We went to BRU today to pick up a few last things from our registry that we didn't get (but we had gift cards and coupons).
So now I think we're set.
But the problem is, I have no idea what we will really need. In the real world of being parents, I don't know how many onesies I'll need, how many wash clothes, how many pacifiers...you get the idea.
I just feel like I'm on the cusp of so many changes that I can hardly stand it.
What I know for sure:
God is good. Even when times are rough. Things can change in an instant.
My Dh is really the best guy I know.
I have no control over anything.
Lord Willing: I have one more week of work and then the baby can come (and if she comes earlier, I'm down! - today is 38 weeks!)
There are a lot of things I don't know and I'm getting ready for a crash course.

I'm off to continue my thank you notes from our showers and to read about nipple confusion. Enjoy your Sunday evening!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Can I make it?

Two more weeks of work. Three weeks until due date.
I had a week off for Easter Break that ends tonight.
I will have to wear flip flops for the last two weeks of work, my feet are perma-swollen.
I played my last church service without child today. I didn't even get emotional.

I may find myself asking to be let out of work earlier than I had planned. It depends on how this week goes I suppose. But when I go out has nothing to do with when I go back as Summer Break starts super early for us this year (well for us in So. Cal). We're out June 3rd where other districts out here are in school until June 24th.

Baby where are you!? Are you in there? I'm torn between wanting you out and wanting you to cook for another 3 weeks.
3 Weeks! That's all we have left! Today is 37 weeks. Yes, I'm feeling antsy. Soon I will be nesting!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

I haven't posted because we've been busy! Today is the last day of Spring Break from work and it's been lovely, but we've definately been busy! Some good, some very sad, but very busy.

First, is that my Uncle died last week. He had cancer for the last 3 years and it was expected, but when a 52 year old police Sherriff who other than the cancer is very healthy dies, it's a tough pill to swallow.
The neat thing is that by all accounts he really accepted the Lord in his life before he died and there is confidence about where he is now.
The hard thing is that he had 5 children, 7 grandchildren and died the day after his 34th wedding anniversary.
So the funeral was last Saturday and it was awesome. There were over 100 uniformed officers who gave a salute to the casket and family as we walked out. Also, since he ended his career on the search and rescue air support division, at the graveside service there was a 5 helicopter fly by that was so touching I am welling up with tears right now just remembering it. It's a beautiful thing to celebrate a life like that.
But then, being 36 weeks pregnant, I was a blubbering mess for the entire cermony. No person likes a funeral, but being that I cry at EVERYTHING, I didn't stand a chance. I even brought in a water bottle and extra tissues because I knew I would be crying the whole time. It was a beautiful service.

Then Easter was Sunday and the whole family got together the next day. It was nice, because we got to rehash the beautiful cermony, but it's so hard that both my grandparents are still alive and watching someone lose their son...especially your Grandfather...geez.

Okay, on to some of the happier times...
I think DH and I just kept putting things off saying, we'll get that done over Spring Break, and now we feel like, man, if we don't do this now than we're not gonna get this done before baby girl comes.
So, it started with the nursery closet. It was a standard reach in closet of the 80s before DH got his hands on it. But he took all that out and put in the white wire stuff that you can get at hom.e depot. He did a fabulous job. Now, all the baby's clothes are hung and it's all well organized. That took about another day. Just spending time in the nursery figuring out where everything goes.
But then we realized that the master closet should be redone the same way to make more room. And true confession, until now, we haven't shared a closet. Anyone want to admit to that? We've been married for over 4 years and my husband has had all his clothes in the guest room. Now he volunteered for this, but since we have 3 bedroom house and it's been just the two of us, why bother smushing all our stuff together? Well now as I lie on the couch with my swollen feet up, he's finishing the master closet so we can share. I just hope I can keep in cleen enough for him now that we're sharing! No more clothes on the floor!

And then tomorrow is our last shower. It should be a nice time, it's being put on by the ladies at church, and I'm grateful. Then Sunday will actually be my last time playing in the band before the baby is born. It's just getting too awkward to play the guitar. It has rotated all the way to my side because my belly is so big. So I'm thinking it'll be the end of may before I play in the band again.

Then two more weeks of work (if I make it that long) before Maternity leave. Um, yikes. This is for real.
I have more to post, but I am feeling like this is a looooong post already, and most of you probably quit a while ago, but if you made it this far, thanks!
Happy April,