Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The girl recovered just fine from her shots. By the next morning she was almost normal temp, so we have moved on. I'm not looking forward to her next shots for sure. Now there is the possibility of Poor thing.

We have however been busy enjoying so. cal life. It's finally been warm here (okay, it's finally been HOT here), so we've enjoyed the pool at my dad's house and my neighbors house.

Here's the thing, I love the water. Love it. And so far so does my daughter! Yeah! So it's been fun seeing her acclimate. We haven't put her head under, but she's tolerated the pool for like 15 minutes each time.
Oops, she just woke up, and now it's time to eat. more to come!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Yup. The girl came down with a fever after the shots. And BTW, I did cry. She loved the oral vaccine, just sucked that one right up. But when the three shots were administered, she was howling, and that's what I wanted to do. But I just had tears rolling down my face.
She seemed a little extra tired (normal), but all else was fine. Then last night I was changing her and she felt warm, so I took her temp and it was about 100.4 degrees. So dh went out and got the acetamenaphin (however you spell it, I didn't bother to double check it) and she took it well, and her fever seemed to go down to about 99 degrees. We swaddled her in her diaper (no pj's) and she woke up once around 3 - which she hasn't done in a week or so. I fed her, because from what I've read, since she's extra warm she's burning more calories and closer to dehydration. So she ate and then woke up a few hours later and now here we are. She's got a temp of about 99 degrees still, but the second dose of acetamenaphin will be wearing off soon.
This is not fun. At least today she's not moaning though. It was the saddest thing. Last night while we were waiting for dad to get back from ta.rget, she just laid on me and moaned.
Oh, how I want her to feel better. Yuck.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tomorrow is Macie's 2 month appointment, although tomorrow she will be ten weeks. Am I crazy, that I'm actually looking forward to her getting her shots? Not in a Sadistic way, so don't even trip about that. I'm just looking forward to her starting to receive some innoculations. I hate thinking about her getting sick, but thinking about her getting sick with something that could actually hurt her...yeah, I'm not that bummed about the shots.
Although I will probably be crying all the way home tomorrow and thinking 'how could I have thought shots would be a good thing...waahh!'. The good news is dh gets to go with us, so it'll be a family affair. We didn't plan much for the rest of the day just in case Macie gets really fussy or has a reaction.
I'm sitting here with Macie strapped to me in her ergo infant carrier, and I'll tell ya, this is genious. While I haven't eaten breakfast yet, I am able to get so much done and not leave her in the swing all day. I don't mind putting her in her swing, but it's nice to feel like I'm holding her and multitasking. And I just know that this isn't going to last forever. And like so many of you, there of course are the questions about whether or not there will be more children in our future, so I want to enjoy each moment this little one gives us.
I'm off to eat something. So far, each day just gets better and better!
And the sleep is great too! She's giving us at least 7 hours between feedings at night, and it's lovely. I call that sleeping through the night. It started last Saturday night, so ... so far so good!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It gets better

I think I mentioned that I had a hard time not wishing away the first few weeks. It was hard. I was tired and in pain, and I didn't really know my daughter yet. We were so busy learning about each other and in the middle of that, dealing with family, breastfeeding, and life. I didn't want to complain because I still knew in the middle of everything what a gift Macie was. And I knew it would get better.

And by golly it has. Tomorrow Macie will be 2 months old! Two months! She smiles now! She's starting to be much more alert, holding her head up like a champ. We went away for the fourth of july weekend, and just had a blast. She went to the beach (but the water was way too cold for any actual dipping, but enjoyed 5 different 4th of July outfits, and one adorable bathing suite/cover up.

I am starting to enjoy motherhood so much more than I ever thought possible. I find that I have a hard time not worrying, but I think that's why the Bible is so specific about not wasting life by worrying - it doesn't add a single day or minute to my life. So that's what I'm working on. But I absolutely love her. I would change a thing. Here are a few pictoral highlights...

Also, I tried making Ina Garten's flag cake this fourth of July. It turned out great, but wow - there is a lot of butter in there! I ended up using two regular cake mixes and then her frosting recipe. It was out of control delicious!