Monday, March 2, 2015

Can you tell what color the cake is?

It's Pink!

We are following our own tradition of Girls!  I am so excited, I have to admit I was totally shocked.  I thought it was a boy for sure.  I'm not disappointed at all (How could I be!), but I was surprised.  I thought I would be baking a blue cake.  We have essentially everything we need for a girl, but I'm still going to redecorate the nursery.  It's been long enough and I'm just feeling like nesting. We'll move these two cuties into the same room soon, maybe even in the next week.  I think they're very excited about it.  
The only thing I don't have is a name.  I'm open to suggestions!  I loved the name Macie for years before I had her, and I just think Penny is adorable and goes with it.  We chose middle names after their grandmothers (Macie Romana, and Penelope Dorothy) so do I have to stick with stores and grandparents?  (Macy's and Penney's are department stores here in So Cal, are they stores where you are?  Do you have any store names that I may not know about near you?).  

So that's our news, The girls are excited and want to name the girls after my little ponies.  So Far Rainbow Dash is winning.