Monday, January 31, 2011

No Naps!

Yesterday was a fairly typical Sunday. First church, followed by a party. But it was one of my Sunday's playing in the band, and this means we're there from 8AM-1:00PM. Prime first nap time. Macie usually does well in the nursery, but her nap was pretty delayed. Eventually she slept from about 11:00-12:00.
Then, a friend of our is retiring to become a full-time worship leader and his wife through a surprise party. It was a lot of fun, but Macie missed the window for her second nap. I thought after I gave her a quick dinner at 5:00Pm that she would nap. But nope, she was awake.
Okay, I thought, I'll put her to bed a bit early.
I did, and she went to sleep, but starting around 9:00, she just cried! And then again, later. She cried! Then she slept for a few hours. Then again, around 12:30, she cried! For a long time! I actually went to check on her after about 20 minutes. But everything was fine, she was just fussy. I didn't want to pick her up, so I just rubbed her back and she fell asleep. 10 minutes later - she cried!
So I'm really chalking it up to no naps yesterday. If tonight is a repeat performance I'll do some serious investigating.
But for now, this is one tired momma, signing off...

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Try #1

So that salad last night was o-kay. Not great. I should've used a recipe instead of my brain, because I bought feta cheese instead of blue. So while I like feta, it just didn't have the same taste.

Here is a picture of my messy counter as I was about finished chopping everything up. Notice the mess goes beyond dinner. No, I don't usually cook with my purse on the counter, or next to the formula, it was just that kind of a night.

Overall, the salad was okay, but I just washed it (no lettuce spinner or anything fancy). I actually didn't use any dressing, because one of my favorite parts of a cobb salad is that it's usually so good and flavorful, it doesn't need anything else. DH does not feel this way. So he used a rasberry vinagerette that he thought was very good. But he did make himself a snack after dinner was over, so I'm assuming I have room for growth on the salad front.

I have a weight loss post coming up soon...but for now, I say: Good day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So I mentioned that I'm dieting (only a billion pounds to go!), and I'm trying to figure out how to make my homemade salads taste like store bought salads.
How do you do it!?
I love a good cobb sa.lad. Especially from bakery or CPK. But my lettuce never tastes the same at home. Do I need a salad spinner? Should I wash the lettuce better?
Tonight I'm going to try, but I was just thinking that you ladies probably all have amazing salads in your back pocket, so I'm asking for your secret tricks. How do I make it delicious?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Completely My Fault

She fell.
Off the bed.
It was my fault.
She's fine.

But oh. my. word. I was so traumatized by the incident. Here was the sitaution:
We went to Bible study last night and there was a baby sitter and 5 kids. I said, "I'll come back about 7:30 and feed her and change her". So when I came back, Macie was crying (because it was 7:45 and she was hungary!) and I took her from the sitter. I laid her on the bed and started to get her bottle ready. I looked at the bottle to pour in the 8 ounzes of water, and in that 3 second look she was in space between the cushy bed and the cushy carpet.
The baby sitter saw it too, but she was across the room and I was only 2 feet away.
It was like a baby belly-flop.

She was scared more than hurt, and after 30 seconds or so of crying, she was just fine and showing off her cuteness again for everyone, but I felt like a grade A failure. And then, to add insult to injury, I had to sit through another 45 minutes of Bible study and admit to everyone (through jokes of course) that I just let my baby fall 3 feet off the bed.
The good news was (this is sick I really think it's good news), everyone else had stories of when the same thing happened to their kids (or worse, STAIRS!). While I felt bad that everyone goes through this, I really did feel awful that Macie had just fallen.

But I have a secret.
An ugly secret.
She looked a little funny as she was falling. And I kind of wanted to giggle once I saw she was okay. I mean, picture a super-cute baby in cupcake pajamas, spread-eagle, heading for the floor.
Now, before you go calling CPS, remember that I did not giggle, and infact, the thought that I did want to giggle made me cry on the way home. Because I must be a terrible mother.

I've heard it described like a new car: I think my baby just got the first dent. I felt sick.
I checked on her 3 times last night (I almost woke her up once) and all is well. As DH said, babies are built pretty tough.
But Yeah, I had some pride about how "my baby had never fallen off the bed (or couch, etc.)". So now I'm sitting here evaulating what else I have too much pride about. Will my baby poop in the bathtub tonight? Will she stop being 'awesome'?

Has anything like this happened to you!?

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Diet is On!

I got an email from a dear friend in Texas who I don't get to see much anymore the other day. The email was entitled "the Biggest Loser". So yes, my first thought was, is she trying to tell me something?
When I opeend it, indeed, it was an email to 4 of us college girlfriends who have had weight struggles. She was putting herself on blast too, and asked if we wanted to participate in a 'biggest loser type' competition.
I am wholeheartedly in.
So we started yesterday (actually, I started a few times since Macie was born), and we're emailing each other our weight every sunday night (*gulp!*) and dieting highs and lows. I have a lot of weight to lose, but I'm going to start with a goal of 25 pounds. I figure if I look at the whole number, I'll just be sad, so I'm just looking at 25 pounds.
I can't believe I actually shared my weight! DH doesn't even know what my weight is.
Do you guys share your weight with your husbands? He has no problem sharing with me, but I can't seem to share that with him!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

8 1/2 months! Baby Food!

Macie got her second dose of a flu shot this week, her current weight is 21.11 lbs.
This puts her at the 90th%. My mom said I was always 'off the charts' meaning, I was a big baby. For both height and weight. Macie looks to be on the same wavelength!
These days she's spending a lot of time crawling, pulling herself up to standing, and chewing on anything she can. last weekend she cut her SIXTH tooth! This girl is a drooling machine. For the moms out there, will she stop drolling when she stops teething? I feel like I have to keep her in a bib 24-7 because otherwise the wetness from drooling makes her cold!

I have some questions about food. How much did your 8 months old eat in a day?
Here is her current food schedule:
Breakfast - 6 oz formula + 1 serving cereal (1/4 cup)
Lunch - 6 oz formula + 1 stage 2 fruit and 1 stage 2 veggie
Dinner - 6 oz forumla + 1 stage 2 meat
Bedtime snack - 8 oz formula

Does this seem similar to what your little ones ate? I know every child is different, but I also know that as she is growing it'll keep changing, and I'm having a hard time figureing out exactly what to feed her.
Also, I've had a number of friend IRL tell me there little ones hardly ate baby food at all, and they're shocked that Macie is eating so much. Then what are they feeding their children?

Open for discussion!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

High School Teachers

It's the time of year for teachers where things are finally looking up.
You see, for teachers, "test days are rest days".
So here is why today I love my job.
I got to stay home and extra hour and a half with my little one, because today the final exams are for periods 0,2,6. I don't teach a zero period, and my prep period is 6th (the last class of the day), so today I am only with students from 10:16-12:16.
Now tomorrow of course is back to a regular schedule, I'll be with 4 classes.
But today? Today I love.
More time with Macie is what I get to have. And since the final is scantron, I don't even have to spend much time grading it! This is awesome!

Although, what I've learned in my ten years of teaching*, is that the days you think are going to be easy...that's when the problems show up. So I'm not holding my breath for a perfect day, but rather, just being excited about a change in the schedule and perhaps some extra time with my little one.

What were finals like when you guys were in high school?

*Inner monologue goes something like this: Oh Crap! 10 years? I've been teaching ten years? That means I must be old! That means I must be an adult!...then whew, I remember that I did a pirouette on campus this morning when I was sure that no one was looking. I'm pretty sure I won't be mistaken for an adult for quite a while!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I'm jumping on the 2011 bandwaggon. Embracing a new year and a new beginning. I hate to call them resolutions, but in an effort to simplify it, this is what I hope to accomplish this year:
1. Eat at the dinner table.
Now that we have a little one, it's time to break the habit of eating in front of the TV. I don't mind the TV being on (baby steps), but I do want to get in the habit of sitting down and eating instead of balancing food on our laps. It's just silly. I want Macie to grow up with a good tradition of eating properly - and that means more than just good nutrition.
2. Loose some weight.
I'm not writing the amount, I'm just here to say that I'm still wearing maternity pants and I hate it. I'm hoping to just get pg again, but...nothing so far.
3. Speaking of PG - I'm hoping to be pregnant by the end of 2011. It's just a hope, I know God's timing is different than mine, but I'd love to have a baby in 2012. If a baby came in 2011, that would be fine too! But my hope is really to have a few more months to loose some weight and then get knocked up again.
4. Work less.
Like really, have less hours at work. As a high school teacher that would mean instead of teaching 5 classes I would teach 4 or 3. I started on this goal yesterday by talking to my Dean about it and he was open. I won't know until the spring how the numbers and school budget will end up, but I'm certainly looking forward to a possible reduced work day. I think it would be better for DH and I too, because I wouldn't feel so guilty for the times we do go out without our little one.
5. Post more frequently.
I've been doing this a little more since before Christmas break, but I mostly just want to have a record of sorts of the first years of Macie's life. I don't write things down at home, so if my lunch break works, than my lunch break it is!

I know there are more things I have to work on in life, but I don't want to overwhelm myself.

Here's to hoping 2011 is a great year for us all!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Everyone's Journey

Everyone has a different story to tell. But I can't figure out why some stories don't always end up the way we want. Although some do!

A close friend of mine IRL is pregnant with #2. She and her husband tried one month for their first one. They tried one month for their second. Thankfully, I have some perspective and I know that everyone has a different journey, and I'm able to be excited for her. I'm a little jealous, but mostly just excited.

I've been pretty heartsick over hearing the news from Jen and Maybe if you Just Relax. She had twins premature and one of them passed away. I don't know any of the details, but that in itself just makes your mind fill in these awful places.

I have a small group of really good friends. However, most of them are single. These are awsome women, and I don't understand why they haven't found the right man. These ladies might look at me and think, why does Courtney get to have a husband, baby, and two dogs?
So how can I be upset at a friend getting pg when she wants it so badly. Just because it was easy for her doesn't mean she deserves me to be jealous. I can look at others and think, why did that happen to her?

What I can gather, is that everyone has a different journey. My faith affirms this belief and makes me strong. But I still don't know how I get to be so lucky. I am excited and trepediatious to see what comes in 2011!