Thursday, January 20, 2011

8 1/2 months! Baby Food!

Macie got her second dose of a flu shot this week, her current weight is 21.11 lbs.
This puts her at the 90th%. My mom said I was always 'off the charts' meaning, I was a big baby. For both height and weight. Macie looks to be on the same wavelength!
These days she's spending a lot of time crawling, pulling herself up to standing, and chewing on anything she can. last weekend she cut her SIXTH tooth! This girl is a drooling machine. For the moms out there, will she stop drolling when she stops teething? I feel like I have to keep her in a bib 24-7 because otherwise the wetness from drooling makes her cold!

I have some questions about food. How much did your 8 months old eat in a day?
Here is her current food schedule:
Breakfast - 6 oz formula + 1 serving cereal (1/4 cup)
Lunch - 6 oz formula + 1 stage 2 fruit and 1 stage 2 veggie
Dinner - 6 oz forumla + 1 stage 2 meat
Bedtime snack - 8 oz formula

Does this seem similar to what your little ones ate? I know every child is different, but I also know that as she is growing it'll keep changing, and I'm having a hard time figureing out exactly what to feed her.
Also, I've had a number of friend IRL tell me there little ones hardly ate baby food at all, and they're shocked that Macie is eating so much. Then what are they feeding their children?

Open for discussion!

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