Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When will you tell?

A question has been going through my mind for months now.
When will I tell my daughter how she was conceived?
Does it matter? Will she feel differently about herself if she learned she was not conceived in the "typical" way?
There are people who are very open with their children (and friends and family) about IVF. I applaud this. Why not share the story and educate people?
There are people who are tight-lipped about IVF. Sometimes family members don't even know that they went through this process. I understand that too. Usually we don't talk about where and when we conceived our children. You lose a lot of privacy through this process and I can understand wanting to keep things as private as possible.
The other factor...I don't know when I was conceived. I never asked. One time I counted and found that it's possible I was a 'valentines' baby, but I really don't want to know. So maybe she'll never ask.
But, so many people in our lives know that it's hard to imagine keeping a lid on things...
So my question you ladies out there, is will you tell your children? Are you planning on getting a t-shirt that says "I'm going to be a Reproductive Endocrinoligst when I grow up" (which I think is cute), or are you going to assume that your children will never ask?

I also have this doesn't matter. I have a miracle growing in my belly and how she got there is moot. God gave her to us and I'm thrilled. But I am curious...when will you tell?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

29 weeks

Wednesday was our most recent Dr. appointment. Dr. Ta ta's didn't fail to live up to her name, it's funny.
All my tests have come back clear, but they ran the wrong test on my urine so I have to do the 24 hours urine collection again.
I'd rather give blood every day for a week than do that again, but I don't see what choice I have. The baby is totally worth it. But yuck.
Also, the Dr. didn't know what to make of my ring worm, she doesn't think it's ringworm, so she's sending me to the dermatologist. I've never been there before. What will that be like? I need to make an appointment for hopefully this week, as there are only 11 more weeks in this pregnancy.
What!? 11 more weeks? This is crazy. According to my books, she is between 15-17 inches and 2.5 to 3 pounds.
Dr. Ta ta's had looked at our most recent ultrasound and she said everything looked good. That's really encouraging.

So yesterday we had a garage sale to get rid of some junk that's in the baby's room and in the room that will be the guest room. We moved our desk out to the den and it feels like we're really making some progress. I still feel like this isnt actually happening to me. I felt the same way when DH and I were engaged. Did I really have a finace? Right now it's, 'Am I really going to be a mom'? I'm super excited, but I feel like these 11 weeks mean so much. I have to continue working for hopefully another 10, and I want to pack up my room before the end of the year since I"ll be moving schools next year.
Anyway, we're getting ready for this baby girl. It's amazing how many people are excited for her. She's the first grandchild for all of our parents. No one knows quite what to make of it, but we're thrilled.
The Lord is good in the good times and bad.

Happy President's/Valentines/Chinese New Year to all! Gung Yeh Fat Choy! (did I spell that right?)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Ring Worm

under my boob.
How do you get ringworm underneath your boob?
So I showed the pharmacist (who had a rockin' tom sell.eck type mustach, and was very much an asian woman) and she said 'yup, that's ringworm. But you have to keep it from being moist". How do I keep the area directly underneath my boob from being moist? They're growing so big these days (not bragging) that the boob is finally resting on my chest!
I asked Dr. Google and my what to expect books, and lot.rimin is safe in the second and third trimesters...but really? Ringworm?
Any suggestions? Besides bleach? I don't think that would be good right now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Appointments, Appointments

So last thursday I did the glucose. Still haven't heard back, so I figure that's a good thing, right? Wouldn't that be a huge liability if they knew I had the 'beatus and didn't tell me for two weeks?
At the same time they also took lots of other vials of blood for things I don't quite know but were ordered by my doctor for the high blood pressure.
Then all day sunday I had to go #1 in a jug. It was tough but the lab gave me a little funnel like device that was helpful, so I am grateful that was over. I went to the lab yesterday before work and had to wait (with my jug 'o #1 sitting next me) because they wanted to take more of my blood. Wowza.
Then today, I get to see our little girl again, as we have th ultrasound for dating/sizing purposes. I am going to be very turgid for this appointment as there is water involved again - but I think that means they'll check my cervix, right? So I'm always up for being informed.
Then finally, next Wednesday is the meeting back with Dr. Ta ta's so that she can look at all of the results from these tests.

And on a completely unrelated note, one of my high school students asked me today how long it was before I knew I was pregnant. She herself has a 3 month old boy at home. Before you go shaking your head at children having children, just know that teaching the teen-moms is the best part of teaching at continuation school. Teaching kids that just got released from jail for beating someone up or selling drugs, not so much fun. So you guys should've seen the look on her face when I told her that we tried for 3 years to get pg. I left out the IVF part as they don't need to know that, but the idea that it might actually be hard to get pregnant is so far out of out their reach that it's almost comical.

But again, would I want to be a teen mom? Heck no. I love the journey God has put me on, as hard as it is sometimes to understand, but I'm just grateful for the 27 weeks I've had with this little one inside me.