Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Appointments, Appointments

So last thursday I did the glucose. Still haven't heard back, so I figure that's a good thing, right? Wouldn't that be a huge liability if they knew I had the 'beatus and didn't tell me for two weeks?
At the same time they also took lots of other vials of blood for things I don't quite know but were ordered by my doctor for the high blood pressure.
Then all day sunday I had to go #1 in a jug. It was tough but the lab gave me a little funnel like device that was helpful, so I am grateful that was over. I went to the lab yesterday before work and had to wait (with my jug 'o #1 sitting next me) because they wanted to take more of my blood. Wowza.
Then today, I get to see our little girl again, as we have th ultrasound for dating/sizing purposes. I am going to be very turgid for this appointment as there is water involved again - but I think that means they'll check my cervix, right? So I'm always up for being informed.
Then finally, next Wednesday is the meeting back with Dr. Ta ta's so that she can look at all of the results from these tests.

And on a completely unrelated note, one of my high school students asked me today how long it was before I knew I was pregnant. She herself has a 3 month old boy at home. Before you go shaking your head at children having children, just know that teaching the teen-moms is the best part of teaching at continuation school. Teaching kids that just got released from jail for beating someone up or selling drugs, not so much fun. So you guys should've seen the look on her face when I told her that we tried for 3 years to get pg. I left out the IVF part as they don't need to know that, but the idea that it might actually be hard to get pregnant is so far out of out their reach that it's almost comical.

But again, would I want to be a teen mom? Heck no. I love the journey God has put me on, as hard as it is sometimes to understand, but I'm just grateful for the 27 weeks I've had with this little one inside me.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Youre getting close to meeting that little girl in person, instead of staring at her on a scren..:)

Do you watch 16 and pregnant? The show is ridiculous, but I cant help myself. The babies are so cute and the parents are train wrecks. Its sad but addicting..

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