Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our little one is crawling...kind of!

It's amazing to watch her grow and change and just ulitmately look more like a little girl and less like a baby.

Here is a picture of her during bath time, although she's starting to be a little too big for the sink, so we're experimenting with the tub. So far it's just easier if I get in with her.

So her 6 month stats are:

Weight - 18 lbs 14 oz - 94th percentile

Height - 28 inches - 99th percentile

Head - 43rd percentile (I forgot the measurement)

So we have a big girl! She's still wearing six month clothing, but 9 months fit just fine. It's the footed pajamas that are crazy. Tonight she's comfortably wearing 12 month pjs. Unreal.

We're hosting a few family members for Thanksgiving, so it should be nice.

I hope you are all doing well and I'm thinking about you often! You'd be surprised how many times I start sentences to DH by saying, "I read on a blog today...".
Thankful for my daughter, My husband and My savior (not necessarily in that order, ha!)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I've been thinking more about number 2 lately. Not because I want to jump on the bandwaggon right now, but because a lot of friends of mine seem to be moving on to the second child.
I think I shared that I had a dream a few months ago that I was pregnant and it was more of a nightmare. I remember feeling like I didn't have enough time with just Macie and I was just so exhausted that I couldn't fathom starting over from scratch.
And while I still feel that way, I know that I am still the same woman who tried for 3 years without success and it's unlikely we'll get PG again on our own. If God wants us to we will, but I also know that we have two more frozen embryos we need to consider.
Last night at bible study, one woman was discussing new years eve cocktails, and trying to find good non-alcholic ones, because she'll be pregnant by then. It still shocks me to hear people talk like that. Not because she shouldn't, but because she can. I don't hold a grudge against anyone who gets pregnant easily. That's just as wrong as someone thinking I'm wrong for doing IVF. But it still makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when people speak so freely about getting pregnant.
So next summer seems to be a good compromise for us. We'll see what the Lord has in store for us then.