Sunday, November 29, 2009

18 Weeks

And our first baby purchase. We bought the lar.kin glider from PBK. It was a big step, but we've justified it a thousand ways, baby or not. But... we're really starting to accept that this is coming!
We are now counting down to the Ultrasound Dec. 7th. I can't tell you how relieved I'll be to see that little guy (or girl) on the big screen again. After so many pictures on the early side, It's been really hard to adjust to hearing the heart beat only twice in the last two months (and it took a long time to find at both Dr.'s appointments).
Here's to many, many things to be Thankful for.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

17 weeks

I'm all caught up on my flu shots. My OB's office finally got the H1N1 vaccine so yesterday I got the controversial shot. I think now if I can make it two more weeks without getting it then I'm good. I read somewhere that's how long the immunity takes.
I'm not usually a flu shot getter, but being a teacher I'm around so many germs...and really, I've had so many shots in my life, why not just get another one? (just kidding).
One of my friends last night was asking me if the H1N1 shot hurt. I almost laughed. And I didn't because I don't want to be the snob who thinks that because she went through IVF she can handle most anything, but I kind of am the snob who thinks I've been through IVF, what else can you throw at me?
(B.T.W., feel free to remind me I said that after I've ranted on my blog complaining about how awful labor was... I'm sure that will happen, I deserve after admitting I'm a bit of a pain snob).
So now that's all caught up.
And thanks for all the tips about spotting, my next appointment is Monday, and I think I'll ask for him to check my cervix... just for peace of mind (?). I mean, just because I don't have to show the whole world my lady business doesn't mean I'm not wiilling to get undressed yet again!

Hopefully we'll schedule the big ultra sound for the next appointment after that. I'm counting about two weeks from Monday for that. Very exciting.

Also, My DH has a stethescope and I've been so entertained listening to the gurgling of amniotic fluid. I can't hear a heart beat, but I can hardly find my own heart beat with a stethescope, so that doesn't cause alarm (finally, something in pregnancy that doesn't cause alarm!). It sounds a lot like my husband's stomach when he's digesting food. It's pretty funny. Oh, and yesterday we went to Disneyland after work and DH went to the bathroom 3 times. I also went three times, but in a 3 hour period, we decided he's having sympathy urination. Ha.

I'm going to go enjoy a nice morning fire and get ready for a great weekend after I check up on everyone's blog. I hope you all are having a good weekend as well!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


So Thursday AM I woke up and found a few pink dots on the toilet paper. At first I was in shock, it's been about 8 weeks since I last spotted. As I wiped a little more, I found a little more. I switched from a panty liner to a pad and started to think about my options. I did some quick reseach and saw that unless this was bright red blood or enough to fill a pad in an hour it was 'probably' not a cause for alarm.
Um hello, anything of color leaking out of my lady business is cause for alarm.
I did some quick thinking. Wednesday had been a day off but Tuesday night was a big party for my DH's birthday. I had been running around tremendously trying to get everything ready for that, so my activity level had certainly been a little higher than usual. On our day off we went shopping for a good chunk of the day so I had been on my feet more than usual. Also, Monday there was some Bding, and even though it was a few days earlier, I'm just wondering if that had something to do with it.

So I went to work, but had myself on the alert in case I needed to get out of there. I kept using the restroom, but as the day went on, there was less to report.
I called the Doctor at my break around 10 and then the nurse talked to the doctor and left me a message saying that if things get worse to call back or go to the ER, but if things keep getting better that I 'probably' didn't need to worry.

So things continued to get better, the color changed to brown as the day went on... BUT later that night I found a dark, gooey thing. It wasn't fiberous, but it was seriously about the size of a dime and really, really gooey.
Any ideas?
yesterday things continued to get better and so far today there's not much going on. I'm watching things carefully, and I still have my pregnancy symptoms, but geez, nothing brings back the fears of infertility like some unwanted spotting.

Just when you thought it was safe to start shopping online...

Praying to stay 'knocked up in 'o9'!

Countdown to Viability: 9 more weeks!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Things that have changed (So Far)

When I watch Bab.y Story or any show involving the birth of a baby, I cry. There's no warning for this crying. The tears just flow out.
When I hear a song that I've heard a hundred times I can cry. Example: I am already listening to Christmas music (I know, it's early, whatevs). I heard Breath of Heaven. Apparently I've never really turned into the lyrics before (or I've never been pregnant before while listening to the story of Mary, duh), but I was balwing on my way to work. Really. 7:15 AM, at the corner across from a Bob's Big Boy and a couple gas stations.
My pants officially don't button.

Life is good.

Monday, November 9, 2009


I hate not having blogger at work.

Tomorrow is DH's birthday. The big 34. We're having a small party at our house, nothing big. It's nice that it's the day before Vetrans' Day so we get to sleep in on Wednesday.

On the baby front, yesterday was 15 weeks. I think yesterday was also the first time I realized I am officially out of my regular pants (unless you use the b.ella band of course). I really think I'm starting to show, but unfortunately, I've already got some excess padding around my mid section, so it's been harder to tell, and easier to just think that I'm very round these days. So any sign that a baby is in there is excellent.
I keep thinking that I'll feel movement soon, but the books say it'll be another few weeks before I know what I'm feeling.

There are so many wonderful things going on with a lot of you ladies out there, so just because I'm not commenting (hence the inability to comment from google reader), but I'm thinking and praying for you guys.

When did you ladies start buying stuff for baby? I haven't bought anything yet (my mom sure has though) and I'm thinking that since January is viability month, I'm going to start then. But I'm getting antsy.