Saturday, September 26, 2009


Today has been a perfect souther california fall day. I'm being a little sarcastic, but I'll get to that later. Dh and I went apple picking this morning and then realized when we went to the bakery afterwards that there's no need to actually pick the apples yourself, you can buy much bigger versions of what you're buying at the store and you don't end up with prickly stickers all over your feet.
It was fun though, then we had lunch with my brother and SIL and that was cool. Have I mentioned that they have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year and a half? They did two IUI's with their obgyn and those were unsuccessful. She got some clomid from a friend of hers who got pregnant and had some left over and got pregnant on the illegal clomid. I love that she is pregnant, but I told her I hate that she got pregnant on illegal clomid. But since I'm so over joyed that she's pregnant I'm totally over it. You guys may hate me for saying that and I'll accept the abuse, but it's really how I feel. I'm such a rule follower. (I really was too scared to try drugs, the just say no program really worked... of course now I'm all hyped on progesterone and estrace, so maybe it's my own drugs talking).
Anywho, my SIL is about 3 weeks behind us and it's really fun. We're so excited because our kids will have a cousin the exact same age to play with and it should be totally fun.
Then Dh and I took a nap, and now I'm putting out the fall decorations while watching Whi.te Christmas. I suppose I'm in the holiday spirit. There aren't too many good fall movies (I watched You've got. Mail earlier) so Christmas will have to do.
The reason for my sarcasm is that it was 104 degrees today and even now at 7:51 pm it's still in the low 90s. So by 'fall' I mean it's autumn, but in no way does it feel like fall. The temps are supposed to cool down a little bit next week, but I'm not holding my breath.

Things to look forward to:
Monday is my first OB appointment. So I'm just praying that everything looks good with our little gummy bear (my experience from all of your ultrasound pix is that the 6 week one looks like a wedding ring - yolk sac included - and that the 8-9 week looks like a gummy bear). So this will be one monday I won't have a hard time waking up for. Not until the afternoon, but still, I am excited.

Happy Fall!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun way to tell people...

One more story,
DH and I have passes and we go with some friends from our old school about once a month. So pretty much since the day we saw the positive we knew we would tell our two dis.ney friends this way.
So we get to the park around 5 o'clock last friday. Typically we'll just go on a ride or two, eat dinner at the mexican restaurant by big thun.der railroad and then go home around 9 or 10 (depending on how tired we are from the work week).
So this time instead of eating first, I told the our friends that I was feeling a little Indiana Jo.nes. I usually hate that ride because it's so bumpy that it actually makes my back hurt, so they were thrilled that I volunteered to go on the ride. They played right into our hands.
So all throughout the line we didn't say anything and then at the front the man asked how many in our party. I said, 'four, but only 3 are riding'. He brings us over and then asks, 'who's not riding?' Our friends looked at me all surprised and I said, 'oh yeah, I forgot!? I'm pregnant!" They hoop-ed and hollered for us (they knew we had been trying) and then they rode with DH and I very happily waited at the exit.
Fabulous. Glory to God. Good times.

8 weeks and Grateful

I'm getting more used to this pregnancy thing. I'm still worrying, but I am starting to feel like the initial fright that comes after the thrill of seeing a positive pee stick is wearing down a bit. I haven't spotted since last week about this time, and I'm enjoying that while still being super careful not to over do things. It's such a hard balance of knowing how much to be on your feet (I stand most of the day now that I'm teaching delinquent youths in the mornings!) and how much to rest.
I feel pretty yucky most of the day. Not sick, and not like I'm gonna vomit, but just yucky. And then every time I feel yucky I feel grateful. And then I feel yucky again. It's a cycle I can live with.
Yesterday I cooked a frozen weight watcher pizza for lunch and it smelled so bad I threw it out.
That's about the worst food has been. I am starting to feel more like certain foods don't sound good to eat and I can see why some women lose weight during this first trimester. Me, I'm exactly the same as I was two months ago and I'm fine with that.
I haven't written much because I haven't felt like I've had a lot to post, (and I'm not hinting that I want things to be more exciting at all! I'll take this yucky feeling and the need to rest if it means a healthy baby and safe pregnancy!) so I won't drag this out.
How did you ladies feel during your first few months?
OH, and I do have another question - when is the nausia supposed to stop? I have been told it's the end of the first trimester and then I've been told it's 16 weeks.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

7 weeks

We came out at church this week. It was one of my favorite feelings ever. I play in the band at church, and largely it's men, ranging from age 22 to 45. DH and I had decided it would be fun to tell them first because I've been playing with them for about 6 years and they know me really well (and most of them know we've been trying for a baby for 3 years).
So after the worship set at the end of church I gathered them (and it felt like a fireing squad because I just get so nervous when telling people!) and told them. The best thing was it was like a shock wave throughout the building. People that were still milling around in the congregation took one look at everyone hugging me and yelled, are you pregnant? My Dh got hugs and then the news spread into the foyer and out on the patio. People ran inside (well in my mind they ran inside, they probably just walked quickly) and gave us hugs. This is all before I had even had a chance to leave the stage. That's how quickly this news traveled.
It was amazing.
And then, that darn IF worry started. "what if I lose this pregnancy?" "Am I really pregnant? My boobs were hurting this mroning but they're not as sore right now"... you ladies know the drill.
We probably would've waited to tell people a little longer except that my Dad figured out facebook and has been telling the whole world and I'd rather get the pleasure of telling people in person than just getting congrats on face book (but don't get my wrong, I'll take any kind of congrats).

My symptoms this week include much tiredness, achy breasts (still), crampy sensations, and I have had a little more brown spotting. it's really light, so I'm not too worried, but my first OB appointment isn't for another week and a half. So what can I do but remember that I have no say over whether this pregnancy will end up with baby, and I can just take it easy. After work I've been coming straight home as much as possible to rest. It's been good, but I've got back to school night tomorrow and next Thursday (I'm teaching at two schools this year) so I hate having to go back to work in the evening.

This post is getting dangerously long, so I'll leave it here.

Praying to stay 'knocked up in '09!'

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lub Dub

That's the most beautiful sound I didn't hear. But it's true, we have a heart beat!

Due to the rediculously long nature of the previous post I'll keep this one short. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers, I graduated from the RE and have my first Obstetrical appointment ever in 3 weeks.

This whole pregnancy thing is outta this world. But I'm falling asleep as I'm writing this so......zzzzz.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 Posts in One

There have been about 5 potential posts I could've written since I last posted. Some happy, some not so much. Let's see if I can break down the past week.
Wednesday, go for 2nd Beta, have a confirmation appointment with regular practioner to confirm pregnancy so I can be referred to an OB-Gyn. So I had to give a urine sample to confirm that I am pregnant. It came back positive (which of course it should, but you know in your mind, any opportunity to worry is given).
Thursday, I get the results of the beta, 5100. This is a great number and shows things are going really well. I have a week until the first ultra sound (this coming Wednesday) but things look fabulous.
Friday, I teach half a day, go to the bathroom at lunch and find some spotting. Not a ton, but enough to really freak me out. BUT, being a teacher, it's really hard to leave work in the middle of the day. By the time I ran around and got lessons ready for a sub, I would've probably been on my feet more than if I just stayed for the last two hours of school (my 5th and 6th period are seniors that are fabulous and don't really have to be managed). So I freak out in my head for TWO HOURS and think of every possible scenario. Between classes I found some info online and it was either bleak or bleaker. So I freak out even more. And then I realize that my cramps feel more like regular old AF cramps than the cramps I've been having since I got pregnant. I tear up about 5 times, but I just sit in my chair at the front of the class counting the minutes.
So then, just to add to this calamity that has become my day, 15 minutes left in class, my princpal walks in for a surprise observation. Now, in spite of my crazy state, all the kids were working, so I knew I didn't need to worry about anything, but just the idea that the day could possibly get worse drove me nuts.
So he leaves, the bell rings, and I bolt. I dodge past other teachers, avoiding their cheery good bye comments, and commence crying as soon as I get in the car (I should remember that uncontrollable/unexplainable weapiness is an actual pregnancy symptom), and at this point I've worked myself into a frenzy. I get home and I had filled a whole panty liner with blood. It had gone from brown to dark red.
So I'm a wreck, my dh is coaching a football game an hour away and he took the bus with the players, so I don't call him because there is nothing he can do and it will drive him nuts. So I call the Dr.'s office and get the after hours number. The nurse calls back and calms me down and just tells me that if the blood isn't bright red that I should just be on bed rest for the weekend and then come in on Tuesday (closed for Labor Day). And If I feel like things get worse, than I should go to the ER so they can do an ultra sound.
So I talk to my mom, I lie down and the bleeding seems to diminish, but there was a small clot.
So when DH get's home, he talks me down a little bit and we decide we'll just pray and take things as they come. I'm okay for now, and we'll see how I feel in the morning.
I wake up with the worst headache ever (you know, the one that comes when you cry like a little kid and don't drink enough water to make up for it? Yeah, that headache). I am still spotting brown in the morning, so we decide to go to the ER. Because at least this way we'll know and waiting until Tuesday seems like such a bad idea.
SO, my very first trip to the ER! I must say, that our hospital was just recently redone, and Ole', it's fabulous! They have gone paperless and the whole system of testing and colors is great. Once my blood tests were finished they were available at any computer station in the hospital.

Okay, so you're all waiting for what happened, I know:
Pelvic Exam showed birth canal is closed (is that the cervix?)
Beta: 9007
Ultrasound showed yolk sac at 5w4d. From my last period it was 5w6d. No fetal pole, but not necessarily should have a fetal pole yet. BUT, Dh claims that since the Ultrasound was sooo zoomed in looking for the heartbeat that he was able to see the capilaries moving around the yolk sac.

So we left thinking that we got good news, but this is a big week in fetal development. We're gonna choose to be positive. It was just blood being pushed out because things are changing.
I don't even know.
So here's to taking it easy and being a little too careful. I can't wait to meet this little guy! (oh yeah, and from the picture of the yolk sac on the screen, I totally think it's a boy!)