Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 weeks and Grateful

I'm getting more used to this pregnancy thing. I'm still worrying, but I am starting to feel like the initial fright that comes after the thrill of seeing a positive pee stick is wearing down a bit. I haven't spotted since last week about this time, and I'm enjoying that while still being super careful not to over do things. It's such a hard balance of knowing how much to be on your feet (I stand most of the day now that I'm teaching delinquent youths in the mornings!) and how much to rest.
I feel pretty yucky most of the day. Not sick, and not like I'm gonna vomit, but just yucky. And then every time I feel yucky I feel grateful. And then I feel yucky again. It's a cycle I can live with.
Yesterday I cooked a frozen weight watcher pizza for lunch and it smelled so bad I threw it out.
That's about the worst food has been. I am starting to feel more like certain foods don't sound good to eat and I can see why some women lose weight during this first trimester. Me, I'm exactly the same as I was two months ago and I'm fine with that.
I haven't written much because I haven't felt like I've had a lot to post, (and I'm not hinting that I want things to be more exciting at all! I'll take this yucky feeling and the need to rest if it means a healthy baby and safe pregnancy!) so I won't drag this out.
How did you ladies feel during your first few months?
OH, and I do have another question - when is the nausia supposed to stop? I have been told it's the end of the first trimester and then I've been told it's 16 weeks.


Flower said...

Mines is easing up...i'm at 11 1/2 weeks now...

Jill said...

I ate a lot in my first tri...I wanted healthier stuff too - like fruit and salad. Of course, in my third tri, I've wanted cookies and ice cream and all of that bad stuff. :) My day sickness went away around 10-11 weeks. Hope you feel better soon and I love the way you told your friends!!


Ben & Anne said...

Glad to hear it's going so uneventfully!

Nausea has been my worst thing throughout my preg. I felt constantly sick or at least yucky until about 16 weeks and it was worse in the evening. Unfortunately bad carbs and coca cola were the only thing that made me feel a bit better but I was a bit underweight before I got pregnant so I think it may have been my body getting me to up my reserves a bit. After that I'd get blocks of nausea for two or three days if I was tired or had eaten something that was perfectly fine but that my body took a dislike to for no apparent reason. I still get it for a day or two at a time if I'm tired and I'm now 33 weeks.

Sounds like yours shouldn't be too bad as now to week 11 are supposed to be the worst. Good luck!