Sunday, September 6, 2009

3 Posts in One

There have been about 5 potential posts I could've written since I last posted. Some happy, some not so much. Let's see if I can break down the past week.
Wednesday, go for 2nd Beta, have a confirmation appointment with regular practioner to confirm pregnancy so I can be referred to an OB-Gyn. So I had to give a urine sample to confirm that I am pregnant. It came back positive (which of course it should, but you know in your mind, any opportunity to worry is given).
Thursday, I get the results of the beta, 5100. This is a great number and shows things are going really well. I have a week until the first ultra sound (this coming Wednesday) but things look fabulous.
Friday, I teach half a day, go to the bathroom at lunch and find some spotting. Not a ton, but enough to really freak me out. BUT, being a teacher, it's really hard to leave work in the middle of the day. By the time I ran around and got lessons ready for a sub, I would've probably been on my feet more than if I just stayed for the last two hours of school (my 5th and 6th period are seniors that are fabulous and don't really have to be managed). So I freak out in my head for TWO HOURS and think of every possible scenario. Between classes I found some info online and it was either bleak or bleaker. So I freak out even more. And then I realize that my cramps feel more like regular old AF cramps than the cramps I've been having since I got pregnant. I tear up about 5 times, but I just sit in my chair at the front of the class counting the minutes.
So then, just to add to this calamity that has become my day, 15 minutes left in class, my princpal walks in for a surprise observation. Now, in spite of my crazy state, all the kids were working, so I knew I didn't need to worry about anything, but just the idea that the day could possibly get worse drove me nuts.
So he leaves, the bell rings, and I bolt. I dodge past other teachers, avoiding their cheery good bye comments, and commence crying as soon as I get in the car (I should remember that uncontrollable/unexplainable weapiness is an actual pregnancy symptom), and at this point I've worked myself into a frenzy. I get home and I had filled a whole panty liner with blood. It had gone from brown to dark red.
So I'm a wreck, my dh is coaching a football game an hour away and he took the bus with the players, so I don't call him because there is nothing he can do and it will drive him nuts. So I call the Dr.'s office and get the after hours number. The nurse calls back and calms me down and just tells me that if the blood isn't bright red that I should just be on bed rest for the weekend and then come in on Tuesday (closed for Labor Day). And If I feel like things get worse, than I should go to the ER so they can do an ultra sound.
So I talk to my mom, I lie down and the bleeding seems to diminish, but there was a small clot.
So when DH get's home, he talks me down a little bit and we decide we'll just pray and take things as they come. I'm okay for now, and we'll see how I feel in the morning.
I wake up with the worst headache ever (you know, the one that comes when you cry like a little kid and don't drink enough water to make up for it? Yeah, that headache). I am still spotting brown in the morning, so we decide to go to the ER. Because at least this way we'll know and waiting until Tuesday seems like such a bad idea.
SO, my very first trip to the ER! I must say, that our hospital was just recently redone, and Ole', it's fabulous! They have gone paperless and the whole system of testing and colors is great. Once my blood tests were finished they were available at any computer station in the hospital.

Okay, so you're all waiting for what happened, I know:
Pelvic Exam showed birth canal is closed (is that the cervix?)
Beta: 9007
Ultrasound showed yolk sac at 5w4d. From my last period it was 5w6d. No fetal pole, but not necessarily should have a fetal pole yet. BUT, Dh claims that since the Ultrasound was sooo zoomed in looking for the heartbeat that he was able to see the capilaries moving around the yolk sac.

So we left thinking that we got good news, but this is a big week in fetal development. We're gonna choose to be positive. It was just blood being pushed out because things are changing.
I don't even know.
So here's to taking it easy and being a little too careful. I can't wait to meet this little guy! (oh yeah, and from the picture of the yolk sac on the screen, I totally think it's a boy!)


Alex and Jill said...

Bless your heart! Whenever I see blood, I freak too. I'm so glad you went to the ER. Please, please, please, stay off your feet and rest. Let the hubby wait on you hand and foot, k?

Covering you and your baby in prayer, girl!!


Ashley said...

Girl, I know how you feel!! My bleeding lasted from 6 weeks-16 weeks!! Stay postive!!! You are going to make it!!! By the way..the worrying never goes away;) ((HUGS))

Shannon said...

here from LFCA...

I really hope the rest of the 9 months goes smoothly for you. Things are on track now, I have been there, and no words make it easier, I know. But know I am thinking of you!