Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fun way to tell people...

One more story,
DH and I have Disney.land passes and we go with some friends from our old school about once a month. So pretty much since the day we saw the positive we knew we would tell our two dis.ney friends this way.
So we get to the park around 5 o'clock last friday. Typically we'll just go on a ride or two, eat dinner at the mexican restaurant by big thun.der railroad and then go home around 9 or 10 (depending on how tired we are from the work week).
So this time instead of eating first, I told the our friends that I was feeling a little Indiana Jo.nes. I usually hate that ride because it's so bumpy that it actually makes my back hurt, so they were thrilled that I volunteered to go on the ride. They played right into our hands.
So all throughout the line we didn't say anything and then at the front the man asked how many in our party. I said, 'four, but only 3 are riding'. He brings us over and then asks, 'who's not riding?' Our friends looked at me all surprised and I said, 'oh yeah, I forgot!? I'm pregnant!" They hoop-ed and hollered for us (they knew we had been trying) and then they rode with DH and I very happily waited at the exit.
Fabulous. Glory to God. Good times.


Flower said...

That was great!

Gabby said...

love it! what a fun way to tell your freinds!!

mrs shortcake said...

What a cute way to tell your friends!