Thursday, September 23, 2010

How I met your m.other and WHEN?

First, how I met your m.other. The TV show. Anyone watch it? I find it amusing so I DVR it and watch it at a later point during the week.
This season, Marshall and Lily are going to try to have a baby. There was a really sensitive moment that they had when Lily admitted that she was scared she would be infertile. It really made me well up with tears. THis show is not known for it's poignency, but I found it worth mentioning.
Secondly: New moms...when did you get your period after the baby was born? Macie is 4 1/2 months old and I have no period. I am not exclusively breastfeeding, but I am still BF 3 times a day. I'm desperate to compare. I really would like to get back to 100% normal, but I don't feel 100% quite yet. 95 % maybe. Just waiting for AF.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Small Group

Monday nights are our small group. Today will be the second week that we are meeting. I have some dilemmas that I'm hoping you guys can help me with. Small group/Bible study lasts from 7-8:30. Macie's bedtime is 8:00. The couple's house we're meeting at is about 25 minutes away. We are committed to going and I'm always glad to have gone. But I don't exactly know what to do with Macie.
There is a babysitter there, and there are 3 other children. My problem is that Macie pretty much still requires one on one attention. I can keep her in the group with me, but you guys know how it is when other people have their just can't quite focus on the discussion because the baby is either super cute or being fussy and distracting. So I'm thinking about bring the pack and play or the swing or something like that and then kind of watching her myself. What would you guys do if you were in my situation?

Monday, September 6, 2010

4 months!

(I know I look awful, this was right after being in the pool - no makeup!)

Labor day weekend is wonderful for teachers. It's a little touch of summer wrapped up in a few weeks of school. I will admit that I don't hate working. Don't get me wrong, I HATE being away from Macie. But I was actually very suprised to find that working isn't awful. I am teaching all senior economics this year and while seniors are not my favorite age to work with, I have five groups of really good kids and I think this was pre-arranged by God, because that's not normal. I'm sure I'll have some hard kids and hard days, but of the first two weeks, things are going well. I am however going to ask my boss if I can work 60% next year. In high school that means that I need to teach every day, but I would either be finished by 11:00AM or start at 11:00AM. I don't know what would work best, but I'm open. The school does have the right to deny me 60%, but I'm hoping they'll think I'm a good enough teacher to keep around.

As far as Macie...
She's 4 months old tomorrow! Where has the time gone!?

She is cooing and giggling, and I swear she laughed at me on Tuesday but she hasn't repeated it when people are around! She loves to grab her feet and can roll over but doesn't do it very often. This morning I found her in her crib rotated 180 degrees from where she started, but still on her back. It's like she made a half circle with her feet. Baby breakdancing maybe?

Her 4 month well baby appointment is on Friday, and I am so ready to know what she weighs and how long she is. Still in the 97%? We'll see.

I hope you all had lovely Labor day weekends and I'll look forward to updates from all of you!

Oh, and one last praise, a dear friend of mine IRL is pregnant! She is 37 and has been trying for four years. She had a failed fresh IVF this June and just got her BFP! So we're praying for good news and a lovely healthy baby in 9 months! Let me leave you with a picture from this morning before we went shopping on Labor day. Four months tomorrow!