Monday, November 9, 2009


I hate not having blogger at work.

Tomorrow is DH's birthday. The big 34. We're having a small party at our house, nothing big. It's nice that it's the day before Vetrans' Day so we get to sleep in on Wednesday.

On the baby front, yesterday was 15 weeks. I think yesterday was also the first time I realized I am officially out of my regular pants (unless you use the b.ella band of course). I really think I'm starting to show, but unfortunately, I've already got some excess padding around my mid section, so it's been harder to tell, and easier to just think that I'm very round these days. So any sign that a baby is in there is excellent.
I keep thinking that I'll feel movement soon, but the books say it'll be another few weeks before I know what I'm feeling.

There are so many wonderful things going on with a lot of you ladies out there, so just because I'm not commenting (hence the inability to comment from google reader), but I'm thinking and praying for you guys.

When did you ladies start buying stuff for baby? I haven't bought anything yet (my mom sure has though) and I'm thinking that since January is viability month, I'm going to start then. But I'm getting antsy.

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We're Expecting! said...

Wow! 15 weeks! That's wonderful news. I'm so glad you and baby are doing well. I started to feel a few weird movements every once in awhile around 16 weeks. Now I'm 21 weeks and feel movements all day. It's amazing. :)