Sunday, October 25, 2009

13 weeks

It seems Sunday has become my regular posting day.
This week, my baby is the size of a peach. Really? I feel like it was a grain of rice just yesterday! They really do grow so fast.
Thank you ladies for your kind words about my SIL, it is a tough situtation, but this whole journey has had a theme, that the Lord is in control and we are not. So it's hard to see that played out in someone else's life, but again these are things that are certainly out of my control.
Tomorrow I have my next appointment. I'm not anticipating and ultrasound, but at least we'll be able to hear the heart beat (right? Do theye do that at every appointment?)
I made the appointment for after work, because a month ago I was still trying to be a good employee, but now, geez, I just want a day off!
Some of you probably hate teachers because here we work 185 days a year (which when you do the math means we have 181 days off a year, I know), but the stretch from Labor day to Vetran's day is the longest we get without a holiday (CA doesn't seem to think Columbus deserves a day off. Is that whack or what?). So while it's great that I got an appointment for 3:45, it would be better to sleep in, relax for a bit in the morning and then go to the doc, instead of yell at delinquents all morning and then deal with smarty-pants in the afternoon.
If only I was in charge of the world...

My biggest symptoms of pregnancy to date have been an achy chest (it's actually changed from achy boobs to the muscles under the boobs...did that happen with you guys) and what feels like a stretching uterus. There is some general yuckiness and a huge gag reflex when I brush and floss, but overall, not too shabby. What were some of your symptoms around 13 weeks? All the baby books leave out the achiness of the uterus. Just curious.

Enjoy the rest of Sunday afternoon! Let's all be and get 'knocked up in '09'!

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Yay for the second trimester!

It seems like my boobs were achy FOREVER. They were sore from the IVF treatment and then super sore for weeks and weeks into the pregnancy. It will go away..and youll feel like a new woman. :)