Friday, February 5, 2010

Ring Worm

under my boob.
How do you get ringworm underneath your boob?
So I showed the pharmacist (who had a rockin' tom sell.eck type mustach, and was very much an asian woman) and she said 'yup, that's ringworm. But you have to keep it from being moist". How do I keep the area directly underneath my boob from being moist? They're growing so big these days (not bragging) that the boob is finally resting on my chest!
I asked Dr. Google and my what to expect books, and lot.rimin is safe in the second and third trimesters...but really? Ringworm?
Any suggestions? Besides bleach? I don't think that would be good right now.


Jersey Beth said...

Plenty of experience with this. Lamisil makes a cream that you can put on it. Might want to use a gause pad or something to keep it dry. Assuming pregnancy doesn't affect it, ringworm is usually no big deal. Oh, it's contagious to pets!

Gabby said...

wow - I had no idea.. I have learned so much abotu these pregnancy symptoms.. Hang in there.. hope you are finding successful treatment!

PJ said...

Ugg! I'd say wearing a bra, even when you sleep, will help a lot. And maybe the Lamisil - but I'd call the OB and talk with the nurse just in case. Maybe baby power too.

Good luck with that!

Ashley said...

I've had ringworm a couple times...gotten it from my students. You put antifungal foot cream (like for athlete's foot) on it and it will go away.