Sunday, February 14, 2010

29 weeks

Wednesday was our most recent Dr. appointment. Dr. Ta ta's didn't fail to live up to her name, it's funny.
All my tests have come back clear, but they ran the wrong test on my urine so I have to do the 24 hours urine collection again.
I'd rather give blood every day for a week than do that again, but I don't see what choice I have. The baby is totally worth it. But yuck.
Also, the Dr. didn't know what to make of my ring worm, she doesn't think it's ringworm, so she's sending me to the dermatologist. I've never been there before. What will that be like? I need to make an appointment for hopefully this week, as there are only 11 more weeks in this pregnancy.
What!? 11 more weeks? This is crazy. According to my books, she is between 15-17 inches and 2.5 to 3 pounds.
Dr. Ta ta's had looked at our most recent ultrasound and she said everything looked good. That's really encouraging.

So yesterday we had a garage sale to get rid of some junk that's in the baby's room and in the room that will be the guest room. We moved our desk out to the den and it feels like we're really making some progress. I still feel like this isnt actually happening to me. I felt the same way when DH and I were engaged. Did I really have a finace? Right now it's, 'Am I really going to be a mom'? I'm super excited, but I feel like these 11 weeks mean so much. I have to continue working for hopefully another 10, and I want to pack up my room before the end of the year since I"ll be moving schools next year.
Anyway, we're getting ready for this baby girl. It's amazing how many people are excited for her. She's the first grandchild for all of our parents. No one knows quite what to make of it, but we're thrilled.
The Lord is good in the good times and bad.

Happy President's/Valentines/Chinese New Year to all! Gung Yeh Fat Choy! (did I spell that right?)

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Kendra said...

Hi Courtney! Thanks so much for your sweet comment. I am blown away by how many people have commented and said they have experienced similar things!!! Glad to know we aren't alone =).

So excited for you and your little MIRACLE baby girl!!! We know nothing happens unless the Lord speaks, and what a blessing to be expecting a precious little girl after all this time.

Keep in touch!