Thursday, January 27, 2011

Try #1

So that salad last night was o-kay. Not great. I should've used a recipe instead of my brain, because I bought feta cheese instead of blue. So while I like feta, it just didn't have the same taste.

Here is a picture of my messy counter as I was about finished chopping everything up. Notice the mess goes beyond dinner. No, I don't usually cook with my purse on the counter, or next to the formula, it was just that kind of a night.

Overall, the salad was okay, but I just washed it (no lettuce spinner or anything fancy). I actually didn't use any dressing, because one of my favorite parts of a cobb salad is that it's usually so good and flavorful, it doesn't need anything else. DH does not feel this way. So he used a rasberry vinagerette that he thought was very good. But he did make himself a snack after dinner was over, so I'm assuming I have room for growth on the salad front.

I have a weight loss post coming up soon...but for now, I say: Good day!


manymanymoons said...

I will put ANYTHING in a salad. My favorite is a taco salad because really anything goes. It's low in calories but tastes so good. I use lettuce, a little salsa (so low in calories by the way), fat free cheddar, onions, sometimes a little fat free refried bean, low fat pita chips crumbled over the top. Sometimes I even heat it up in the microwave to melt the cheese a little.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

I cant make salad for crap. Ive tried..never tastes good. I wish you the best on perfecting yours. :)