Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Completely My Fault

She fell.
Off the bed.
It was my fault.
She's fine.

But oh. my. word. I was so traumatized by the incident. Here was the sitaution:
We went to Bible study last night and there was a baby sitter and 5 kids. I said, "I'll come back about 7:30 and feed her and change her". So when I came back, Macie was crying (because it was 7:45 and she was hungary!) and I took her from the sitter. I laid her on the bed and started to get her bottle ready. I looked at the bottle to pour in the 8 ounzes of water, and in that 3 second look she was in space between the cushy bed and the cushy carpet.
The baby sitter saw it too, but she was across the room and I was only 2 feet away.
It was like a baby belly-flop.

She was scared more than hurt, and after 30 seconds or so of crying, she was just fine and showing off her cuteness again for everyone, but I felt like a grade A failure. And then, to add insult to injury, I had to sit through another 45 minutes of Bible study and admit to everyone (through jokes of course) that I just let my baby fall 3 feet off the bed.
The good news was (this is sick I really think it's good news), everyone else had stories of when the same thing happened to their kids (or worse, STAIRS!). While I felt bad that everyone goes through this, I really did feel awful that Macie had just fallen.

But I have a secret.
An ugly secret.
She looked a little funny as she was falling. And I kind of wanted to giggle once I saw she was okay. I mean, picture a super-cute baby in cupcake pajamas, spread-eagle, heading for the floor.
Now, before you go calling CPS, remember that I did not giggle, and infact, the thought that I did want to giggle made me cry on the way home. Because I must be a terrible mother.

I've heard it described like a new car: I think my baby just got the first dent. I felt sick.
I checked on her 3 times last night (I almost woke her up once) and all is well. As DH said, babies are built pretty tough.
But Yeah, I had some pride about how "my baby had never fallen off the bed (or couch, etc.)". So now I'm sitting here evaulating what else I have too much pride about. Will my baby poop in the bathtub tonight? Will she stop being 'awesome'?

Has anything like this happened to you!?


Ashley said...

Oh how scary! Glad she's ok. My husband's sister fell off the bed when she was 8 months old and broke her leg. She was in a full body cast for awhile!

Deanna said...

I'm sorry that that happened! But you're not a terrible mom, horrible person, or any nonsense like that. Things happen. Babies fall. That's one reason God was wise enough to make their little bodies flexible!