Wednesday, January 12, 2011

High School Teachers

It's the time of year for teachers where things are finally looking up.
You see, for teachers, "test days are rest days".
So here is why today I love my job.
I got to stay home and extra hour and a half with my little one, because today the final exams are for periods 0,2,6. I don't teach a zero period, and my prep period is 6th (the last class of the day), so today I am only with students from 10:16-12:16.
Now tomorrow of course is back to a regular schedule, I'll be with 4 classes.
But today? Today I love.
More time with Macie is what I get to have. And since the final is scantron, I don't even have to spend much time grading it! This is awesome!

Although, what I've learned in my ten years of teaching*, is that the days you think are going to be easy...that's when the problems show up. So I'm not holding my breath for a perfect day, but rather, just being excited about a change in the schedule and perhaps some extra time with my little one.

What were finals like when you guys were in high school?

*Inner monologue goes something like this: Oh Crap! 10 years? I've been teaching ten years? That means I must be old! That means I must be an adult!...then whew, I remember that I did a pirouette on campus this morning when I was sure that no one was looking. I'm pretty sure I won't be mistaken for an adult for quite a while!

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Robbie said...

Well, they were held in December and May. And there was a rule that if you didn't miss any unexcused days and no more than 3 excused days, and you had an 86 or above average in a class, you could be exempt from the exam. So one year, I didn't take any exams, and my brother had to take several. It was great :) If I remember correctly though, the teachers had to be there the whole day, even through their planning periods.