Thursday, April 22, 2010

Change is a' comin'

Lots to share:
So yesterday was just a regular check up at the OB. However, my BP was elevated (and I only had gained a pound if you read my previous post, so yippee!). So Dr. Tata's comes in and gives me the run down (again) of pre-eclampsia. I get it. If I have a headache, spots, blurry vision, bleeding,...basically anything, then I am just to go to the hospital. I appriciate her concern, but I feel like I've heard that scary speech so many times from so many people that I'm becoming immune. (but of course I'm definately looking for any symptoms because I'm stupid but I'm not stupid, you know?).
Once that speech was over, she became the normal doctor again. Heartbeat sounds great, oh and b.t.w., you need to stop working NOW. No, Friday will not be your last day, today was your last day.
That was surprising. The appointment went from regular check up to, we're going to have you do another 24 hours urine test to see if you have protein, and if you do, we will induce.
Um, wow.
That was some new information. So last night was a crazy night of making sure my long term sub could start early (he could) and to make sure I had lessons planned for the rest of the week (I did), calling my bosses and getting settled.
Today has been full of that stupid urine test, and tomorrow I'll turn it in and do the bloodwork.

So if anybody is really out there, are you thinking what I'm thinking? If there is urine in my protein, ... um I could be having this baby tomorrow night or Saturday. Or Monday. If there isn't urine, I could be having this baby anytime even still.

Yup, things they are a changing!


Isaac Dakota said...

Sounds like what happened to me. I went to my doctor's appt straight from a full day of teaching and parent conferences. She looked at my blood pressure and said "You're done". I actually cried about it because the next day was only a half day before the Thanksgiving break and I only had another week to go before I wanted to be done but she said no way. It was about 10 days later that our little guy was born.

Anonymous said...

God never shuts one door but he opens another. ........................................

Gabby said...

I'm officially stalking you... Glad that you are getting your sub, etc. in order.. because yeah, you will be FAMILY soon! I am so so excited for you. I'll be watching!

Gabby of Adventures in Glass