Monday, April 26, 2010

Already a little sad

I am not sorry to say that so far I'm enjoying my first few days of maternity leave. There have been some really hard moments that have to do with my friend Emily (I'll post seperately about her later), but today, I'm quite enjoying being home and getting things done.

I am doing some baby laundry and I'm looking at some of these amazingly cute outfits that our little one has been given. The outfit on the left is what we'll be taking her home in (it's from Res.toration hardware baby and child - who knew they had a baby store, it's all online, really expensive, and I'm in love!).
But as I was washing all these little clothes, I got a little sad thinking about how quickly she's going to outgrow them. Isn't that silly? She's not even here yet and I'm worried about her growing up. What a funny reaction. It makes me think about #2. I want to enjoy each moment with this little baby as she may be our only child, but I'm just hoping that my body will have figured out how to get pregnant and in my crazy brain I just keep praying and hoping that getting pregnant a second or third time will just be as easy a wink.
Here's to being hopeful, happy and feeling very fortunate today.


Ashley said...

And they DO grow so quickly. Each stage is so sad and yet so exciting. Just wait- it is all amazing. Simply amazing!

You are sooooo close, and I am so excited for you!

PJ said...

Restoration Hardware has baby stuff? Whoa.

It's sad how much I adore the baby clothes, and I think the same thing... they will be outgrown before you know it.

Seriously though, just looking at all of the baby stuff in our nursery makes my heart sing.

Even though mine is bedrest, I'm kind of enjoying being at home now. :)