Tuesday, April 27, 2010

39 weeks 2 days

What do real contractions feel like? Better yet, what did they feel like for you? I've had two very different feelings, but neither one felt like what I expected.
Feeling #1:
Like you sneeze and your abdomen cramps up for about 3 seconds. But without the sneeze. This all takes place in the lower part of my uterus.
Feeling #2
Cramping on only one side of my uterus, but it felt like when you are going for a jog and then you get a cramp because you haven't had enough water (or whatever, but a cramp while jogging/running type feeling).

Any insight? Everyone says that I'll just 'know', but I'm bored over here and looking for any signs of labor.
Next appointment, tomorrow, 9Am. Hopefully she'll finally check me.


manymanymoons said...

I've been following your blog throughout your pregnancy and just wanted to drop in and say good luck.

Anonymous said...

I'm pregnant with my third child and even I am not 100% I'll know. I went into labor on my own with #2 so I know what productive contractions feel like for me. I've been having those cramps for three weeks now (uhg) and the 1st feeling you're getting is most likely braxton hicks. Those things can feel different every time you get one.

for me contractions feel like a braxton hick is coming on, my belly starts getting tight and I get short of breathe, but the difference is I am crampy, it hurts in my back a lot, then it gets sharp all over and I can feel it down low, sharp pain. I have been getting a lot of the tightening lately but no sharp pain, which makes me think they aren't doing anything productive.

I would say you'll know when you're in labor, cause you will... but I always hate hearing that! I hope you get that feeling when you are and just know!! Good luck! :) I'm 38 weeks and 5 days.

WantWait&Pray said...

I've been having contractions since week 20 (I'm 34 weeks pg with twins now) and my contractions feel like a tightening that sort of spreads from the bottom up. It starts low and sort of clenches upwards and becomes hard. They didn't feel like menstrual cramps for me (or haven't yet) but some women say they do. I also started to experience some backpain with my contractions too, which is quite normal. Bedrest, medication to stop these pesky contractions have gotten me to 34 weeks! Now I'm hoping the opposite will happen and in the next few weeks these contractions will start labor ;=) Best of luck to you!!!

Ashley said...

And, did she check you?

Status update, please.

I got short of breath and my belly became super hard. My whole body tightened and I felt like I needed oxygen. It wasn't horrible, but I could definitely tell I was having a contraction. I had them from about 25 weeks on with the boys, but they didn't feel painful until toward the end. Even then though, they only lasted a few minutes.

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