Saturday, May 1, 2010

39 weeks 6 days

So here I am...
Greatful for that, but still pregnant.
Mentally it's like this: Someone tells you that you're whole life is about to change. And then that person gets distracted by something shiny and walks away.
It's this rediculous waiting game.
The first few days of maternity leave were really nice. I felt like I deserved them and I was busy finishing things.
But now, my thank you notes are written, the nursery is done, the infant to 3 month clothes have been washed...and I'm still pregnant.
The dr. appointment this week was anti-climactic again. She didn't check me. The heartbeat was good, bp was okay, not great but okay. No reasons to persue further intervention. So this is where my anticipation has set in. I really thought that Wednesday would be this magical day. But it's not.
So now, if I don't have this baby by monday I have an appointment for a Non stress test in the afternoon and then if still no baby another NST later on that week. She said she won't let me go beyond 41 weeks, so what I'm hoping is that this means she would induce next Friday instead of making me wait through ANOTHER weekend next week.
What I'm really hoping is that this baby will come today. Or tonight. Or tomorrow...or soon!

That's the update! Today I woke up with a big headache, I'm trying not to read anything into that, but I'm resting and hoping this baby girl will be good to go soon!


Ashley said...

Can't wait to see news that she's here!

Courtney said...

oh wow. You poor thing...I know you are so ready. YAY for getting everything done though...I didn't write my thank you notes before and had that hanging over my head for weeks/months after Henry got here. Baby is going to have to come soon!! I say max that you have a week left (don't think she would make you wait another weekend), but I'm going to guess that you just have a day or two left! Keep us updated if you can.

Mel said...

Thinking of you, Court! :) I remember all too well what those last days were like. Can't wait to hear all about baby girl's arrival.

*Hugs* and prayers!

Ashley said...

Do we get to see a belly pic before this little miracle arrives? I'm waiting....