Wednesday, May 5, 2010

All the Scenarios...

So thank you for your kind words for my friend Emily...That's really how I'm feeling right now. Such happiness in the middle of such sorrow. And I really think, such is life. This is how most of the world goes.
So now for baby girl update.
At my appt on monday they did a NST for about 30 minutes and the dr. felt the baby looked great. I did however have more protein in my urine. So what does that mean? My 4th 24 hour urine test of the pregnancy. 4th! So I did that yesterday and then turned it in to the lab today and they did some bloodwork as well. Originally my Dr. hoped she'd have those results by tonight and if I did have too much protein they would enduce me for preeclampsia.
However, the first thing I had asked my dr. when she told me I had more protein, was could she just induce me? She said if my cervix wasn't favorable and they induced me then I would be looking at a 50% chance of having a c-section. So I understand her hesitancy, but then she checked me, and said I was one centemeter dialited, but my cervix wasn't terribly soft or effaced, etc. So she scheduled another appointment for tomorrow (Thursday) morning for another NST.
Hopefully she'll have my results by then (but I am not banking on it) and she may be inclined to induce me tomorrow if needed.
Another factor is Emily's memorial service. It's on Saturday. I can't share how desperately I want to be there, but that I want to be there with a healthy baby in my arms. Right now I'm putting that at about a 50% chance. Because inspite of all this week's testing, I could still go into labor on my own at any time!
IF none of the above occurs and baby stays safe and comfortable then I'll be induced on Sunday night.

Yup. I can't think of much else right now. I'm starting to hate maternity leave, because I feel like I'm wasting time. I don't want to just lie around all day, but yesterday I walked for a few hours and that didn't change anything.

Oh, and while DH enjoyed sex, once he heard the report that the dr. had been able to feel the baby's head when she checked my cervix, I think it freaked him out that his man business may be actually able to hit the baby's head as well. So...we'll have to see if that's another option for us. Ha.

Take care ladies, there's a lot going on these days. I'm going to let God's grace and some TLC channel help pass the time.
Oh, and maybe some frozen yogurt for lunch.


Lostinindy said...

I went 42 weeks with my son, it was miserable. What helped my cervix finally ripen was taking Evening Primrose Oil. You can buy it at Walmart. You insert in before you go to bed. It will help naturally soften your cervix. I hope it's not long before your holding your little girl.

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