Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Camera

I think I mentioned that we recently went to the beach as a family. We got some unexpected money from work so we invested in a new Nik;on camera from Costc.o. It's been a great investment so far.
I took this picture and even as I was taking it, I just see this in her wedding slideshow. Lord willing I'll be lucky enough to see her smiling on that day and knowing how much we love her and how much fun she has been to have in our lives.
And this picture is exactly why we bought this camera. A moment that I also wonder if it will make her wedding slideshow. Ha! Maybe she's tired of how much I kiss her cheeks. That's not likely to stop anytime soon.
The crazy thing is that she was not afraid of the water at all!
Even when it knocked her over! Wait for it...

wait for it...Boom!
She didn't even cry. Just got up, shook her tailfeathers and headed back into the great blue sea. I'm hoping we'll get to spend a lot of time at the beach this summer (if gas prices don't get too bad!).
What are some of your favorite day trip locations?

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Once Upon A Time said...

That first picture is just fantastic!