Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Ob/Gyn

I had an appointment yesterday for my 'well woman' exam. It took me almost a year later than I should have because I just didn't want to deal with it. But I wanted to try a new dr. incase I do get pg since my previous OB left the practice and I don't like the other dr. she worked with (I think that's why she left too). So, on to the new Dr. She seemed nice. She's young and I don't think she has any kids. At first the nurses in the front were off putting, but when they started talking to me about 'desperate housewives' I figured it was just a weird start to the appointment. Here is what I didn't like...I had to pay for parking! It is $2.25 for each 30 minutes with a maximum of $10. Are you serious? There is some free street parking but it was all either 30 minutes only or taken. The office doesn't validate parking. So I asked the nurses if there was any other place to park and they pretty much said most people just take the gamble of the 30 minute spots. YUCK! I don't like to do that because I have a history of being the one who actually gets the parking ticket. There is a major blvd. nearby and across it there is free parking. It's ironicially the office of my RE. So I know where to park for next time. Sure, it'll be a bit of a walk, but geez, 2.25 is a lot of money if I'm fortunate enough to get pg anytime soon. That's a lot of appointments. So the important stuff was the initially I liked the Dr. AND, they didn't use the blood pressure machine they did it by hand (I really don't like the machine). And the scale is NOT digital, it's got the sliding scales and for some reason those don't seem as mean to me as the new digital scales. Do any of your offices charge for parking? Usually out in the suburbs of LA we never have to pay for parking. Only when you go into the city do you pay. Blech.

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Ashley said...

Hehe, I live out in the sticks but go to the dr in a bigger city. I've never heard of having to pay for parking, though. Geez!