Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I finally scheduled an oppointment for a 'well woman' exam. I've been putting it off since I had Macie, and finally It's just time. I'm mostly doing this because my dr. left the practice I was using and I don't like the other dr. there. So while I'm not necessarily hoping to get pregnant until maybe summer (like I have control over such things, ha!), this time, I'm hoping to already have a relationship with my dr. before hand. So thus, I scheduled my womanly exam.
For me, the worst part of the womanly exam isn't the womanly part. It's the blood pressure machine and the scale. I don't mind when they take bp by hand, but that machine actually hurts sometimes! And then the I need to say more? By the end of my pregnancy I was just turning around on it so I didn't have to look at the numbers. I've lost about 25 pounds since Jan. 2nd, so I know the scale won't be so bad, but it's still not so great. THat is for sure!
What part do you hate the most about the ob/gyn?

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Ashley said...

I hate having to sit mostly naked in a cold room and wait for who knows how long for the dr to come in!