Saturday, March 12, 2011

Peak and Pit

The peak of this week was getting rid of the 8 industrial dryers which were in our house for 6 days! Our tiny little leak has caused thousands of dollars of damage and will result in new paint for most of the house and new laminate flooring if they can't match the old. It's been a hassle, but how can I complain with all the loss in Japan and in other parts of the world? It's been a great reminder of how much I am blessed.
The pit of this week was Monday night. For some reason I always get bummed when we're driving home from Bible study on Monday nights. Maybe it's because it's usually around 930 and I'm tired and we're all tired. Maybe it's because all the moms at the Bible study talk about their 'mom's group' that meets during the work day on Wednesdays and I always feel a little guilty about working. Maybe it's just that I still have the whole week to get through and it's only Monday night...Anywho, I tend to get a little bummed out on Monday nights. I'm hoping this Monday will be different.
And this is mean to share! What was your peak and pit this week?

P.S. This is Macie. She has now found her hair bows and they don't generally stay in her hair anymore.

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Ashley said...

My peak was Monday when we learned that we had been chosen by a birthmom!!!
My pit would have to be all the arrows that the devil is now throwing at us, trying to unravel our joy and peace.