Friday, March 18, 2011

Pit and Peak Friday

How was your week? This week was fine, just busy, busy.

My Pit:
My dad is in the hospital. He is a recovering alcoholic and has done tremendous damage to his body. They are doing an upper GI as I type. We have a bit of a strained relationship, and I just want to highlight that having a baby has only made things MORE strained. Children don't fix things, they make them more complicated. It's so tough for me to let ANYone babysit or watch my little one. But when I'm not sure if my dad has been drinking it's impossible for me to let him watch her. So a big part of the current strain in our relationship is that I haven't let him sit for her alone. I don't see that happening in the future either. I think he's so dissapointed though because when I thought he was still sober I made a few comments about perhaps him watching her, but shortly after she was born he was 'off the wagon'. So how can I trust that? I should probably save my post on my dad for a later time because there is so much baggage. Do any of you have strained relationships with your parents?
But before I share my peak, I've got to share that I have the best mother in the world. My parents are divorced. She is everything I hope to be for Macie.

My Peak:
Last night as Macie and I were waiting for DH to get home I was playing with Macie. We had the best time. She was just laughing and laughing and it was the belly laugh, the kind that just make me think I'm the luckiest momma in the world to be entrusted with such a sweet baby.

I know many of you are still waiting for your little ones, and I think about you often. I have no words of wisdom, just thoughts and prayers that our hopes will be fulfilled through Him.

What was your 'peak and pit' this week?

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