Friday, May 1, 2009

2 Down...

Hopefully a lot more to go!

Tonight DH did the first two shots. My current regiment is 75 units of Menopur and 150 Gonal F. Things went well and now we're on our way to Disneyland. I figure tonight will be my last night on any sort of coasters for a while (hopefully a LONG while!) so I'm on my way.

I had another appointment yesterday where they had a hard time finding my veins, but other than that, all is well. I didn't ask for my levels on the phone, maybe next time I'm in the office I'll ask. I do still have a 10mm cyst going on, but to quote the El Doctor (he's Hispanic as is my husband), it's nothing that won't stop us from moving forward. I'm just hoping that it won't grow and stop anything.

Tuesday is my next ultrasound. At yesterday's baseline there were about 15-20 antral follies, so we're looking good!
Oh, and also, at yesterday's appointment there was a Baby in the RE's office. What I thought was funny is that El Doctor actually apologized for it. He said this couple just HAD to bring in their baby to show him off, and I could tell El Doctor generally felt uncomfortable. It's nice to know he's sensitive to that.
But Irony's of all Irony's, the main nurse at the RE's office is 7 months pregnant. Good for her, but boy, It's so weird to know that I've been seening the specialist much longer than she's even been pregnant. Good for her.

Enjoy the weekend. Tomorrow I'm doing a 10k walk for Cysti.c Fibrosis, so that should be a good way to get some fresh air!


Ashley said...

Congrats on completing your first day of shots!! I'm jealous about's my FAVORITE place!!:) I hope you have a wonderful weekend and everything continues to go well!!

Where's Baby? said...

I'm so glad your first two shots went well. That's great news! :)

who said life is fair said...

at my RE office one day this woman came in w/ her son, maybe 2 years old. the waiting room was packed. ppl slowly had their appts and left.

i was the only one left. the receptionist stuck her nose out the desk window, saw me sitting there then hollered at the lady telling her it was a good time to leave. WHAT? i felt like i didn't matter. it didn't really bother me but i felt slighted.

for some reason only pregnant women and REALLY tiny babies bother me. put a 2 year old in front of me and i am not jealous AT ALL! lol.

i always wondered what it would be like for one of the nurses to be pregnant. they must feel guilty and hide it for as long as they can.