Sunday, May 17, 2009


That's it. It feels like 20days since transfer but nope. It's been 3.
I'm on day #4 of bedrest and I finally took a shower this morning (gross, I know. I have changed clothes and underwear though). I technically could've taken one yesterday, but since my transfer was around noon, I thought I'd wait until well past 48 hours so as to be strict about the bedrest.
Guys, this is really hard. I'm getting whiny. I'm getting bored. I'm ALMOST done with TV and movies. Here is a list of what I've seen thus far AND my ratings (because I'm bored and need something to do):

Taken - okay B-/C+

Bride Wars - eh - C/C-

48 Hours (with Nick Notle and Eddie Murphy) - Terrible! D-! I had seen this movie as a little kid (my parents didn't monitor my movie watching too closely) and I didn't really get it. Um, the racial and gender stereotypes are awful! At one point, the 'white cop' calls the 'black criminal' by the name 'watermelon!' Maybe I'm super sensitive because I'm a teacher, but HOLY COW! Oh, and the women were either prostitues or really stupid and were easily persuaded by the men. ALSO, Nick Nolte is a mess. I thought he'd hit bottom when he acosted Jennifer Ga.rner on the red carpet a few years ago. Turns out he never really had that far down to go!

30 Rock Seasons 1 and 2 - A+. I am a huge Tina Fey fan, but I finally shut the DVD off when I found myself having a dream that she hated me. A little too much.

Spies Like Us - A-. Classic and just as good as I remembered

Caddyshack - B+ - if I was a guy I'd probably have liked it more, but it was pretty funny.

Reading: The Shack - about halfway through, very good so far.

I'm hoping that George and Martha are sticking around, but yesterday, my mom wanted to take my picture to document the bedrest, and I stopped her. I think I hurt her feelings, but I have to remind her that I'm not pregnant and it's going to be hard enough for DH and I if this doesn't work, but I think I may have to peel her off the roof! I'll talk to her more about that tomorrow when she comes to me-sit, but that's the only real baby drama so far.

I'm sorry this is such a blah update, but I'll give more when I know more. Today I thought I felt sick after breakfast, but I believe the progesterone does that to you also.

Yikes! Only 10 more days to go until Beta. Um, not excited about that.
Praying to be Knocked up in '09!


Ashley said...

That sucks...I bet time is dragging on. That's why my doctor doesn't prescribe bedrest. He said it's more stressful for a healthy person to be on bedrest. I hope it gets better;) I have 3 days till my beta and I'm SOOOOO NERVOUS!! I'm praying that everything works out for both of us!!

Alex and Jill said...

I took 72 hours of bedrest with this last cycle and it was so hard. I feel your pain. :) It's so worth it though. I'm praying this is THE ONE!!

Hang in there. :)


Hope2morrow said...

If you want something to analyze, watch "The Grizzly Man." I will warn you though- If cussing offends you, this is NOT a movie for you. It is a documentary, which I don't typically like, but it captured my attention for every second of it!

Leslie Laine said...

I was the same way about pictures and taking a shower. I cried the first time I really got out of bed because I was so scared. My mom convinced me it would be good to get up and move around to help with blood flow. :)

Thinking of you and praying for this to be it for you!!

Straubles said...

Hang in there! I hated the 72 hours i had of couch rest. My dr. said it's mostly for the patients state of mind. It did drive me nuts, but i'm glad they made me slow down and rest. Before you know it'll be over and you can bounce back to your regular activities. IT's SO WORTH IT!!!!! ;-)

Where's Baby? said...

I can't wait to hear your news! :) :) :)

Gabby said...

hey - saw you on LFCA and checking in on you - i also just rented Bride Wars as I had my transfer today. I won't be too hopefuly based on your review - but oh well, i'm sure I'll get pretty bored. How come you are on bedrest for so mnay days? How many days do you have planned? Just curious!

Can't wait to hear good news from you!

Mel said...

Can't wait to hear how you're holding up! :)

Thinking of you and praying for GREAT news. *hugs*

Where's Baby? said...

Hope you are doing well!!! :)

Where's Baby? said...

Still thinking of you! :)