Sunday, May 3, 2009

Giving Shots is Hard to Do

This was a great weekend for my husband and I.
We had lots to do and just got along great. Not that we normally fight, but you guys are all married, you know how it can be sometimes.
Well then, enter laundry.
It started innocently enough. I was in our bedroom sorting clothes. My husband came in and started 'helping'. What helping meant was that he was concerned with me putting slightly white clothes in with the colors because that would make the whites 'dingy'. That's where it started. I got touchy (if he wants it done that way, he can just do it! *snif* I'm not a good wife...all inner dialogue by the way, he's incredibly kind), he got frustrated that I was touchy (why doesn't she realize that I'm just helping? I thought wives liked it when husbands helped? Scratch head.). This usually happens once a month, around major hormone time.
So then, imagine our feelings when he has to give me two shots right after that. We both ended up crying and apologizing and hugging. This process certainly does NOT allow for lack of communicaiton in a marriage. (by the way, the crying for him started when I made a joke about what this process would be like if he was mad at me when he was giving me the shots - that was the wrong thing to say, he's scared to death of hurting me as it is).
It's a good lesson, and... he ended up finishing the laundry, so that worked out super well for me.

Next Appointment on Tuesday, ultrasound and bloodwork. I can feel the drugs working today (just a little feeling in my ovaries). Hopefully Tuesday will bring lots of follicals!

Hoping for: "knocked up in '09!"


Alex and Jill said...

Taking those shots every day is so hard. You're right...communication is a MUST. IF definitely brings you closer, don't you think?

I'm praying this is your time, girl.


Ashley said...

I'm praying that you have lots of follicles;)

I Believe in Miracles said...

Keep us posted on your apt today! Hope all went well.
Crossing fingers for you too.
Communication --- good! It's funny how we need little things to bring it out for us.