Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Should'a had a V8

Okay, you guys THANK YOU! I iced my hip before hand yesterday...GENIOUS! I don't know why I didn't remember that from reading all of your wonderful blogs, but I felt like a moron when I took the shot last night after some pre-icing and it barely hurt! I did tell the nurses today that ice helps and they all looked at me like, 'duh! didn't we tell you that?' and my husband I were no.
So, all things equal, I'm more okay with the shots. Oh, and I'm doing those in conjunction with two suppositories per day. Yikes!

So, are you wondering about today's transfer? Here's how it went...
I woke up feeling like I wanted to move around a bit. We didn't have to be at the dr's until 10:30, (but with traffic it could take up to an hour), but I suggested a morning walk to DH and he was all for it. Now the funny thing is that we live in the same area where we work, so we literally hid from our neighbor who is also a teacher with us because we didn't want to have to answer why we weren't at work.
We ran into 3 different people we knew at the park, but oh well, we just told them we had a Drs. appointment. That's enough to keep most people quiet.
So we had a quick breakfast at corner bakery and headed to the office. We met with the IVF coordinator who needed a decision about the number of eggs to transfer. We had... drumroll... All seven still dividing! Something like:
3-8 cell
1-7 cell
2-6 cell
1-5 cell
I don't remember what grades they all were, but they all looked pretty good, some just faster than others. SO, we transfered two (George and Martha is how I'm thinking of them... remember the hippo's that ate split pee soup? Were they hippos?) and froze 5.
Yippee! We had 5 to freeze! It makes it feel maybe a little less painful if we don't get knocked up on this first cycle because we have in the freezer. I don't know if they're all strong enough to survive the thaw, but still, we were pleased.

So now, here I lie, in the bedroom for today. My mother is so excited for us. The woman is coming over tomorrow and monday while DH goes back to work and she's already thinking of what to bring, what cravings I might have... I had to remind her we're not 'actually' pregnant. Although, I feel that I'm as pregnant as I've ever been. I'm blessed to have a gracious husband who will help me (he made me a turkey burger for lunch and I'm trying to flirt my way to him making some cookies for later) and a supportive mother.

I think I'll be checking in often, because it's only been 4 hours at home and I'm itching to get up. I will prevail...!

Praying for "knocked up in '09!'"


Alex and Jill said...

Yay...what an exciting day!! I'm glad the ice helped.

Take it easy, girl...let them wait on you. These next few days are important ones. :)


Hope2morrow said...

Definitely let them take care of you; you know they love it anyway! Take time to watch some light-hearted movies and shows you have wanted to catch up on. Definitely follow doctor's orders to stay off your feet.

Cheers to knocked up in '09!

Ashley said...

That's WONDERFUL!! Take it easy and relax;)

Gabby said...

Go Courtney!! Yay 7 embryos still dividing! That is great news!

And two to freeze.. so exciting!

Sending good thoughts for George and Martha to implant and grow into babies!

Where's Baby? said...

Yay! I'm so excited for you! :)

Cathy said...

Best of luck, that's great news!

Mel said...

Fantastic news all around! So happy for you, Court! *hugs*