Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I think Anesthesia is Fabulous

I believe those were my first words when waking up from the retreaval. Apparently I was in love with everyone from the Anesthesiologist to the Doctor, to the nurses, etc. I remember what I said, but I just remember being so happy that it was over and I didn't wake up in the middle of it!
So the doctor came to tell me that they got 10 oocytes! They got t0 eggs! During prep he said they were going to look for about 9 based on my last ultrasound, so yeah for 10!
Today I waited on end to get the phone call. I stayed on the couch most of yesterday afternoon, but I went back to work today (a girl only has so many sick days, I've got to spend them wisely!) and I kept checking my cell phone between classes to get my message. I finally got a call around 10, but the IVF coordinator just told me to call her back, so I'm thinking that can't be good news.
I left a message for her, and I finally got her call around 1:30 PM (during my prep period, so I was able to talk). Of our ten eggs, 8 were mature, and 7 fertilized! So tomorrow I'll get a call to see how many of the 7 are dividing. I'm very pleased. I think my RE goes so far to make sure that we don't over stimulate, I kind of worried about understimulation. But so far, so good. And today I took it fairly easy, but my stomach and 'lady region' feels mighty tight. It's okay when I sit or stand, but changing positions reminds me that my stomach is sore.

OH! And ladies, we need to talk! These PIO shots? Ouch! I mean really! What gauge needles do you guys use? The nurse drew circles on my hips so I know my husband is hitting the right spots, but OUCH! I actually cursed tonight (picture Ralphie from A Christmas Story and him saying "son of a b.itch"). I'll try to be more demure tomorrow, but geez, give me gonal F any day of the week.

So, I'm happy and I know that worrying won't make my little fertilized embryo's grow any more or less, so I'm going to be happy and leave this up to God.

Still hoping for "knocked up in '09!"


Mr. Shelby said...

That's a great fert report!

Hang in there on the PIO. Don't forget to ice for a few minutes.

Mr Shelby

Hope2morrow said...

So glad to hear the retrieval went well! Excellent!

PIO is literally "a pain in the ass," but I found that making sure the PIO wasn't cold also helped me not be so sore. Try to warm the PIO bottle in your palm for a minute or two before drawing into the needle. I also heard icing after the shot helped, although I never personally tried that.

Hang in there! Can't wait to hear a report tomorrow!

Ashley said...

That's awesome news!!! I'm sorry that you have to take the PIO shot...I'm using the endometrian inserts...maybe you should ask your doctor about them?? I can't wait to hear how many divide!! Saying a prayer for you honey!!

Alex and Jill said...

This is a wonderful report!! I'll continue to pray for those embryos to continue to divid. :)

I always used 23g - 1 1/2 inch needles. The shots get better...ice your hip for a few seconds before he gives you the shot and you shouldn't even feel it. Also, take all of your weight off of that leg while he's giving the shot. Afterwards, rub it really good or put a heat pack on it for a few mins and that helps with the soreness later. Good luck girl!


I Believe in Miracles said...

Yeah!! Great news on the fert report.

PIO is a bummer. I did it until 11 weeks!! It was nuts. Definitely icing the spot ahead of time worked well. If I couldn't I'd at least use warm washcloth. After I'd always use a warm washcloth to ease the pain some and it really helped.

We also put the PIO on the heater (it was winter) for a minute or two to heat it up (and make it easier to draw in and out of the needle) and that really helped.

Regardless, I'd always go --- they'll be over soon!!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

congrats on the great report. that hard part is OVER!

i wish i could say the pio injections get easier, but those 1.5 inch needles dont shrink over time. it will be worth it in the end, so just grin and bear it..or swear! whatever gets you through it. :)

Straubles said...

Congrats on the retrieval! The worst part is definitely over, but those horrid, hellish PIO shots are the worst. I did them until 9 weeks and towards the end I would start crying because it hurt SOO bad. Our RE gave me suppositories so I could rotate and take a few days off from the shots. If they'll let you do that I highly recommend it! :-) Best of luck with your cycle!

Where's Baby? said...

I'm so glad the ER went well. I've been thinking of you. I'm hoping for the best! :)