Monday, May 25, 2009

Still No News

Sorry I've been MIA for a bit, I went back to work on Tuesday and then my Dear Husband booked a lovely weekend get away for us at the beach this weekend. It was wonderful, 3 days of relaxing by the pool and eating way too many calories... and non-alcoholic drinks (which by the way, I think the sugar content makes things taste way better than actual acoholic drinks - example, try a pina colada, then try a non-alcholic pina colada. See which one you like better!)

Any way, my Beta is scheduled for Thursday, but it's not until 4pm, so I won't get the results until Friday.
My question is, do I test at home then on Thursday night so I'm prepared for the phone call? Or do I suck it up and wait until Friday after work so I have all weekend to adjust to the news (in case it's bad of course)?
Along with that question is the problem of the period. Will the progesterone I'm taking keep me from having my period or will that come anyway if I'm not pregnant? Did anyone get their period BEFORE their beta results? Just curious on that. Because if I start flowin' you'd best believe I'll be 'a testin'.
So that's where I'm at. Only 4 more days until beta results, but right now it's technically 11dp3dt. I could probably start testing now, but that I won't do (again, unless AF comes)... ARG!
The other things are the symptoms! It's rediculous because I know the progesterone makes you feel pregnant, but I still can't stop myself when I feel a 'tightness' in my uterus or aching in my boobs. Oh George and Martha, stick around, would you?
Praying to be Knocked Up in '09!


Where's Baby? said...

I have a feeling you are pregnant! :)

I'm not sure if I'll be cycling with other women. That's interesting though.

cady said...

from what i've heard, the progesterone keeps your period from starting.

i wanted to test before beta. i wanted to be prepared, since i knew i'd be at work when they called with my results. plus, i just couldn't handle not knowing any longer!

Ashley said...

I was too nervous to test before hand!! If I were you I would wait. I don't think you get yoru period on progesterone...not sure though! GOOD LUCK!!

who said life is fair said...

the progesterone will definitely push the period out. you may get breakthrough bleeding if AF is on her way........but i hope she isn't!

if you can wait, i say wait. easier said than done but the home test may not even detect it. although getting a bfn at home only to be followed by a bfp from doc would be awesome.

good luck to you! i hope you get your bfp!!!!!

Hope2morrow said...

I have never tested before my beta because I hate pregnancy tests. All the best in whatever you decide, and I can't wait for the results!

How sweet of hubby to plan a special beach trip. Love it!

Fingers crossed for knocked up in '09 for you!

Leslie Laine said...

My vote is no POAS until beta. I wanted to be at home when I heard the results (I had them call my husband). I took a half day off and went home to hear what the results were. Frankly, I just couldn't take the possibility of another BFN on a stick. I wanted to do something new, something different. So, I wasn't tempted to test early. I wanted to hold onto hope as long as I could.

And, yes, I've heard that progesterone will stop your period, although mine did start once after an IUI while on suppositories.

Praying, praying, praying for you!

Mel said...

I LOVE the George and Martha books. :) I was wondering where those names came from.

I would vote, wait to test. (But that's coming from someone who started testing at 9 dpo. I'm so impatient!) Can't wait to hear your good news later this week. *hugs*

Ben & Anne said...

I had to take progesterone before I got to the ivf stage, back when I did clomid for 6 months. I had a short luteal phase and the progesterone always delayed my period by three days exactly after I stopped taking it (after each negative test).

All I would say about testing before beta is I got impatient and tested at 13days past egg retrieval and got a negative POAS. I was devastated and thought cycle was a bust. Spent the next three days alternately in tears and researching new fertility clinics. Then I tested on the day I was supposed to (14dp embryo transfer) and found out I was pregnant after all! Could have saved myself a lot of heartache had I done as I had been told! But that is easier said than done when you are dying to find out. If I were going through it again I wouldn't test. All I'd say is if you do test early and it's negative it may not be all over.

Good luck!

Alex and Jill said...

I'm so praying that you're pregnant. :)

On my first IVF (it was a 3dt), I started bleeding the day of my beta (while still on the progesterone). The second time, I didn't bleed until after I stopped the progesterone (this was a FET). And the 3rd time (5dt), I tested 3 days before my beta and got a positive hpt. Testing is up to you...sometimes it can help, sometimes it makes it harder.


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

i am anxious to hear the results tomorrow.

i imagine you are, too. ;)