Thursday, May 7, 2009

And Back Again...

Today's count from the RE:
Still about 12 measurable follies all between 8-16. I haven't gotten the call yet from the Doc but she thinks they'll add cit.rotide to the mix so as to prevent premature ovulation.
I go in again for monitoring on Saturday and then the ultrasound tech is estimating Monday or Tuesday for the retreival. crazy! I cannot believe how quickly this is coming. It feels like once the shots start, this process gets moving! The birthcontrol so far has been the hardest/longest part.
I'm currently feeling like my pants are a little snug (perhaps a little bloat from the ovaries), but other than that, things are moving well. I'm excited to have a whole day at work tomorrow, and if it's true that retreval is sometime monday or tuesday, that will be great because I won't have to miss a ton of work for the 5 crazy days of bedrest coming my way.
Have I mentioned that? 5 days? The first two days after transfer are complete bedrest, the last 3 are modified bedrest but definately no working or doing much of anything. That seems like excessive bedrest, but my clinic has some good looking pregnancy rates, so I'll take their advice.

currently Praying for: Being 'knocked up in '09!'


Hope2morrow said...

Take their advice and enjoy every second of it. think positive thoughts and we'll do the same! Good luck!

Jill said...


Mel said...

Eeeeee! This all seems to be happening so fast! Exciting! You're in my thoughts and prayers, girl. :) *hugs*

Ashley said...

I'm praying for you!!! The bloating gets worse after retrieval;) My clinic only makes you take bedrest the day of the transfer. They don't see any difference of those on bedrest and those who weren't. When I hear that you have to take 5 days..I don't know what to do!!