Monday, April 27, 2009


So I had another appointment Thursday. The teaching and an ultrasound. The DOC actually did the ultrasound which threw me for a loop. I don't know why, he's the pro, but the ultrasound tech (Joan) is so great I guess I just kind of missed her.
All looks good.
I have a question:
I have been spotting like mad since Friday. It's not full-fledged AF, but it's no shrinking violet (whatever that means in my analogy), but when I called the office today, they said it's no big deal. I'm still on the nuva so my period shouldn't start, but today would've been CD 28 of a regular cycle for me.
This Thursday Is my next ultrasound and I'm due to take out the Nuva Ring, so maybe that's why the office isn't worried, but if I'm supposed to start meds on CD1, then shouldn't they want to know when that is and what's going on?
I suppose I'll call back, but has AF arrived early for any of you ladies? Where you started while on BCP?
I'll take advice!

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Mel said...

I've been a terrible bloggy friend as of late, but I HAD to comment on your last post about the funds that were provided for this big step in your journey...what a blessing! :) I'm beyond happy for you.

I'm sorry I don't have any input on the spotting...just wanted to let you know that I'm super excited for both you and your DH. You're in my thoughts and prayers. *hugs*