Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Poop or Get off the Pot

Those weren't the exact words my husband uttered, but you get the idea.

This whole thing has come so quickly. AF came monday. DH and I talked about getting more information from the RE. I called Tuesday and found that with my work schedule over summer school (it's almost impossible to get a week off when school is only 6 weeks long) I don't think we can do IVF during June or July. August only gives us a 3 week break before going back to work and by then DH is in football and I could possibly be at a new school site, so trying to get a week of at that point would be a huge inconvience.
So this gives us two IVF options: IVF in January of 2010, or IVF in May.
Um, we're thinking May.
There have been some pretty crazy moments at our household the last 48 hours, trying to decide if moving this quickly means we're 'taking God out of the equation', or if we're 'utilizing the technology that God has given us humans'. We're completely aware that regardless of technology that God is still in charge, but I think some of this has caught DH by surprise. I would like to point out that this May will be 3 years of trying to become parents. (hence the title of this post). So we've decided that there is nothing to be gained from waiting and that God is absolutely in this equation and ... I'm pretty nervous.
I am supposed to start BCPs tomorrow night and then go in for a hysteroscopy (? - the one where the Doc looks to make sure there are no polyups or abnormalities) on April 15th. Then injectibles will follow at the end of the following week.

I can't believe this is where we're at, and I'm thrilled that life is about to get a LOT more unpredictable. This is my opportunity to grow in my faith in the Lord.
Hang on Ovaries, We're taking you for a ride!

Hoping to be 'knocked up in '09!'


Angelwingsbaby said...

Wow how exciting!! Things sometimes move fast when you least expect it. -Megan

Felicia said...

Wow, it sounds like full speed ahead!! I am excited for you. I can only imagine the emotions in the household right now. You are so right in thinking that God is in the equation, he would not have made May an option if it were not his will. So stay on course and keep us posted.


I Believe in Miracles said...

yeah!!! good job. wishing you lots of babydust in 2009!!!!

Leslie Laine said...

I think May sounds wonderful! It's spring, and it's a good time to create a new little life.

I believe that God made the technology available for people like us to be parents. Trust me, going through this process will take your relationship with God to a whole new level. He's completely in charge regardless of the technology.

I'm thinking of you and hoping for many good days ahead. Keep us posted!

Mel said...

Amazing news, Courtney! :) I totally agree with your thoughts that when God is made the central part of your plans, you are living according to His will for your life.

May is a wonderful time of the year! So excited for you. *hugs*

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

yay for ivf in may! that is great news. let me know if you have any questions/concerns. its all still fresh in my head. :)