Friday, April 10, 2009

Next Steps...

We're back!
Dh and I took a short vacation up the CA coast for a few days. We left right after church on Sunday and got home earlier today in time for our Good Friday service. I do this willingly. I play in the band at church and when we first started this church ( my dh and I lead the children's ministry and I stopped playing for about a year. It was a great chance for me to realize I shouldn't hold onto things so tightly, but I really love that I've been able to rejoin the band now that we have a paid children's pastor.
Enough jabber about the band.
So I'm working through the Birth control. It's going well, but I finally understand what all of you have been saying, it feels so counter productive to be on birth control. I'm just telling myself that I'm on hormones to help me have a baby. My dh is rallying hoping that somehow we'll get pregnant while on birth control. Now he knows this is not such a good idea, but somehow that seems easier for him than watching me get shots for hte next few months.
Oh well, here we come. This Wednesday will be my ... hyster...o..somthing where the Doc will look at my uterus to make sure there are not polyups or abnormalities and to ensure that he will know where to place the embreyo's. Does anyone remember what this is called? Does anyone have any experience with it?
I was told I'll have a light sedative going into it so I can't drive myself home. That doesn't sound good, right?
Oh well, I'll find out monday what time on Wednesday. Hopefully in the afternoon so I can miss as little work as possible.
I hope you all have a great weekend of Easter and Good Friday!

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Angelwingsbaby said...

I am guessing it is a hysteroscopy. The only ones I have ever had I have been completely under because I also had surgery to remove endometriosis at the same time.I just had my transfer and am in the 2ww.Hope everything goes well for you.-Megan