Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Hysterocsopy Story

This morning as I was getting ready to go the RE, I watched a bit of A Baby Story on TLC. I've skipped those for the past few years, but I thought some positive thinking and viewing might help.
So my DH and I went to the office and first they did my vital signs and took some blood. Then, I got naked from the waste down, but what I thought was thoughtful, is that they gave me an extra blanket to wrap around myself like a saraong so my bootie doesn't hang out as I walk around the office (the front rooms are far from the 'surgery' rooms).
First, can I just say: Wow, that room in the back is crazy. There were padded leg rests, none of that cheap stirrup business for surgery! I had a special screen above my head so I could see everything the Doctor was doing.
We started with a regular ultrasound (I'm on the second full week of birthcontrol pills) and pretty quickly the Doc found my egg reserves and said they look great, he saw 12-15 on each side (me, I just saw a slightly more blurry area on the screen than the other blury areas), but then on my left ovary he found a Cyst. Boo for finding a cyst. But I had mentioned to him earlier that this morning I saw I had been spotting a little bit, and once he saw the cyst he said that the spotting makes perfect sense and that they should check my E2 levels. He didn't seem too concerned, but I know cysts can cancel cycles, right?
Anywho, that was followed by the mock transfer for the uterus, and that was slightly more intense, It felt like a really long IUI.
Then came the hysteroscopy. It was weird! They used a fiberoptic camera to look at everything in side, to be sure there wer no polyups or fibroids. I saw everything! I now know exactly what my uterus looks like. I told the Doc that I felt like I was watching National Geogra.phic. That one got a laugh out of him.
The hysteroscopy looked good and if it weren't for that cyst everything would be perfect.
They did give me a xa.nex before the procedure, and I didn't really feel it until we were about halfway through the whole thing and then I felt just fine. I totally get why people are addicted that stuff. Right on.
So now, next week is my teaching class, and they'll do an ultrasound again to be sure that the cyst has gone away. They changed my birth control and now I'm using the Nuva Ring (the one that stays in your Va.gina) as well as the pills for a few days and then I'll be finished with the pills early and the nuva ring will take care of things. I'm not sure how I feel about the ring, but hey, it's not the weirdest thing that was in my va.gina today, right?
On to the next,
Still hoping for 'knocked up in '09'!


Where's Baby? said...

I'm glad everything went well. I'll be thinking of you and hoping for the best! I used the Nuva Ring a few years ago. Once it's in you don't even feel it.

Nichole said...

Everything (except for the cyst) sounds very positive! YEAH!!!

Shelby said...

I've never had Xanex, but it sounds great! I hope your cyst goes down and am glad to hear that your ovaries are rocking it!