Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Things First

Blogger and Blogspot have been blocked at work. Truthfully, this is probably a good thing. Except on some days when I felt anti-social at lunch, I would read a story from someone new. I suppose those days are over. So now I guess I'll be slightly more diligent on my teaching prep period, right?

Today I went for my follicle check. I'm on 50mg of Clomid. 50. that's the smallest dose my pharmacy doles out (unless you cut in half of course). I have 4 follicles. Excuse me, 4 follicles that I will likely ovulate. Um, there were an additional 3 that would continue growing if I didn't take the Hcg injection. Why aren't I pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BUT, lets think about this. The Nurse Practioner (who is amazing, Joan, you're amazing!) made a joke about doing IVF on clomid. I asked her if that is a serious possibility. She said sometimes the Dr. will do that. Wow. Would that save money or what?! Have you guys heard of that? Only using Clomid to get 5 or 6 follicles? Now, I'm sure I'm getting my hopes up, but can you imagine what my body could produce on 200mg of clomid? I'm certainly going to be researching that and I'm completely open to your thoughts and experiences.

Okay, I'm late for Bible Study but I wanted to make a post (since I can't do it tomorrow at work!).
Take care and good luck all of you in the terrible 2ww. This will be a great halloweeen for my DH if you get my drift...
Happy Halloween!


CTagsGirl said...

Oh no! Our computers at work blocked Blogger back in August. It was like my lifeline was cut! :) I am able to use the Google reader to read but not comment, so that helps me feel somewhat in the loop.

Sheesh, girl! Althought I don't have any experience with Clomid, it really sounds like your body is soooo ready to have a little one. It's just taking its sweet time...come on body...quit holding out on Court! *hugs*

Bec said...

Noooo! They can't do that! I would hate to lose access to blogger...

I Believe in Miracles said...

That would suck!! I can't imagine that. I spend so much time on blogger at work. I do read with Google reader. You could make notes on things you want to go back and comment on. But I try to comment a lot, so that's a problem.

I hear you totally on "Why am I not pregnant?!?" It's 18 months today and I just had a friend tell me she was pregnant. It's just hard. We heard a great sermon on idols today, I might try to write a post about it. I'm praying that something works with these four!!