Saturday, November 1, 2008

Funny, Pain, and then More Pain

So I had the HcG trigger on Thursday with instructions to have a 'good' Halloween.
Can I tell you a funny, way inappropriate story?
I ask the nurse before I leave, "when on Friday should we go for broke? In the morning? In the evening, night?" She answers, probably the afternoon on Friday would be best and then again on Saturday and Sunday.
So Hubby and I were having some friends over for halloween game night and desserts galore, but people weren't going to be at our place until 5 or 6. So Hubby left football practice a little early to take care of his part (yeah, he gladly left practice early).
Um, my girlfriend L. decided to get there early, but thought I wasn't home because she called my cell phone (still turned off from work) and I didn't answer.
So my hubby comes in and I'm thinking, sweet! perfect timing! And then L. comes in behind him, because she had been waiting outside our house (not in a creepy way, she works really close to our house and lives like 45 minutes away so she had no where else to go).
Dilemma: Need to BD, but have early unexpected company.
So ladies, what's a girl (and boy) to do? Do we miss the critical window knowing people will be over at our place well into the night? Do we tell L. the truth and have her go run errands or something?
No, we make her hang Halloween lights while I fib and tell her that I want to take a quick shower before people come over and then hubby 'disappears' for a little while too!
I know that may seem tame for some of you, but I'm not a big risk taker, and boy, if we get pregnant off this cycle will we have a funny story for our kids (once they're old enough of course).
All went well. She didn't suspect a thing.

Pain...I woke up this morning to cramps. Yes, I'm ovulating. But I'm speculating that because I'm ovulating like 4 eggs (yikes!) that that is why today hurt more than I remembered. I've felt ovulation before, and I've even felt pain like this before, but not the last two clomid-free months. So while we ran errands and saw a movie, I'm feeling like someone has punched me in the Ovaries. literally.

And then the other pain,
My girlfriend K. had her first baby June '07. you can guess where this is going. She sent me the sweetest email (she lives in Texas, I'm in CA) about how she misses my friendship (we're both busy) and that she's preg. with #2 due in June. They had a few months of trying before #2, but it's a case of them having two kids in the time that it took us to have none. I love this girl and want the best, but I must admit there were a few tears. I actually think email was the best way to handle that, because I probably would've cried on the phone. So I'll call her tomorrow and congratulations will abound, but still... Infertility just sucks.

Maybe I should've ended with the happy story, because now I'm sad. I suppose I will suppliment my feelings with a leftover piece of halloween candy. or perhaps a nice soak in the tub.


Leslie Laine said...

Love your Halloween story! Well done! You have to do what you have to do!

Sorry to hear about your friend-I have a similar situation here. IF is a true test to all relationships in your life, but I think it sounds like you're already off to a good start with handing this. I think that when friends are sensitive to what you're going through, it makes a world of difference!

twondra said...

Sooo sorry to hear about your friend. Those are hard to hear, as happy as you are for them.

Love your story. :) Hope this works so you can tell it. :)

Jen said...

It's always hard to hear. But I agree - email is best. Then you can have your real reaction.

Bec said...

Haha what a funny story. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works for you :)

I Believe in Miracles said...

LOVE the BD story. That is awesome. I love it. I'm hoping these follicles are it. Come on swimmers.

So that friend that told me she was pregnant -- in my kitchen on her visit over. I did really well. And I am truly happy for her, but it's that whole, when is it going to be my turn??


Hope2morrow said...

Your story is cracking me up! HA! I love it! I hope this is the month so you will have a great story to share with your kids one day.

I'm sorry about your friend, but it sounds like the email route was the best communication for you. I understand your pain.

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

that story is hilarious!

i hope youre ovaries are feeling much better. :)

Alex and Jill said...

Hey girl,

I'm just catching up on my blog reading, so I just read this post.

Your story made me LOL! I read it and thought...someone in the next room just makes it a little more fun! LOL Lord knows that things can become so timed in infertility, anything to spice things up, right!?

Hearing news of someone getting pregnant and so easily is always a kick in the gut. I'm glad your friend was sensitive to you and your feelings in the way she told you.

Praying for you during this cycle!