Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So I mentioned that last Tuesday I got to go see a taping of Dancing with the S*tars. It was really fun. I had signed up for tickets last spring

and forgotten all about it until last Saturday night when I checked my email and they said that I could bring 4 people (including myself) for this Tuesday (last week). It was really cool!

They didn't allow us to bring in cameras so I couldn't take any pictures, but Kim Karda*shian got voted off (I was pleased) and we saw Jessica Simpson perform. It was funny. The requirements are that you have to dress 'formal'. It's not casual at all. So the funny part was looking at what different types of people consider 'formal'. Let's just say the bedazzler was busy.

My favorite professional is Cheryl. I don't really care about the 'stars' this time. No one strikes my fance... okay, maybe Cory because he's such a fun kid.

We got to sit up front during Jessica's performance and the dance troop that they brought in for the week. It really was very fun and cool to see how little the stage actually is! They let the audience dance on it before filming began. So I danced the Cha Cha slide on the DWTS floor. I'm pretty proud of myself (in a really nerdy sort of way).

On to the next...

Besides all that, I'm heading to the RE's office today for my consultation appointment... Translation, the: "Why am I not pregnant, don't let me be one of your statistics that doesn't get pregnant, knock me up now!" talk. So far I have four questions for him, please suggest more if you have them:

1. How/when do you diagnose a Leuteal phase defect?

2. When do you recommend laproscopic surgery? What level of Endo? Do you think that might help in my situation?

3. Is there any more testing besides the HSG, S. analysis and CD3 bloodwork?

4. Are IUI's manditory before IVF?

I don't really know what to say. 2.4 years we've been trying and not even one positive preg. test but all looks normal.

I'll update you all when I get back. Hooray for leaving work early though. At least there is a small silver lining.


I Believe in Miracles said...

So I had all these tests done:
HSG, endo biopsy, laparoscopy, blood work, clomid challenge prior to moving to the IUIs.

I would ask about injectables and progesterone supplements.

Maybe ask if you could do 1 IUI before IVF.

I'd make sure you walk out of there with a plan of action - this, then, that. And make sure you are comfortable with it.

Good luck!

Hope2morrow said...

Really? Cheryl is your favorite? She is my least favorite pro for some reason that I really can't explain. I like Julianne and Kim. Wish you had some pics of you all dressed up. Did you bedazzle your dress? HA!

I would love to hear the answer to #1 from your doc. Great questions. I would also ask about injectables and the pros/cons of doing those.

Hope the appt. goes well. Keep us posted.

Hope2morrow said...

I forgot to tell you one more thing-

Samantha Harris, the host, drives me bananas. She's my least favorite on the show every time it airs. Was she annoying to hear in real life?