Sunday, August 3, 2008

I don't think I mentioned it

But this cycle is over. I am feeling okay about this because I've had so much time to adjust to another loser no baby cycle that I'm no longer in the frustrated time zone.
Here's what happened. I was up north visiting my grandparents. Last Wednesday was 14dpo. So on Monday (12dpo) I started spotting this weird orange/pink color (sorry if this is TMI, but please we talk about bd-ing and cooter cams, so I figure we're safe). I figured the cycle was over. Spotting is never good.
But then AF didn't come. People, I spotted until Friday! I took to hpt and they were both negative. But still, AF didn't come. So then I finally broke down and called the RE's office to ask about what I should do. At that point I was 16 dpo without AF. She said if my period didn't come by monday to call back. Which I agreed with, but 5 days is rediculus.
So Friday Afternoon, AF came.
I'm bummed, but I was really more bummed earlier in the week at my grandparents when I was away from the computer. So you guys get the not so upset version. I'll call to refill my clomid, and we'll go one more month before we talk to the Dr. again.
That's this cycle.

Second topic...
How dumb do I feel when I call the RE's office. I call and Beth, the awesome nurse/office manager picks up. I say, "hi, this is courtney, and I'm a patient of Dr. D. I'm on clomid and my period came today...etc.". I just feel like this poor woman now knows all about my special no-no place and all the action I'm getting. I guess that for so much of a women's life, we don't talk about getting our periods and AF, and all the womanly wonderment that comes with Eve giving Adam the apple, and so on and so forth. It's wierd to let that be the first thing you tell someone on the phone.
She's great about it and is incredibly professional, but I have the hardest time not feeling a little dumb. Am I alone? How do you all start conversations with the nurses or office managers?

Oh, and I'm going camping this week again. As a teacher, this year I only got 3 weeks of vacation and you can say my DH and I are using every moment. We'll be home Friday, just in time to watch the opening ceremonies. I love the olympics!

Good luck to all of you wherever you're at in your cycles. It's gonna happen. It just is.


Lisa said...

I'm sorry about your loser cycle. I hate those.

It is weird telling the nurse about your cycle. But, that's what they are there for and I'd rather talk to Jana (my docs amazing nurse) about it.

I love the olympics, too! They can't come fast enough!

Bec said...

Im sorry to hear that this cycle didn't work for you :( Am glad to hear that you are doing okay though xxx

I know exactly what you mean about speaking to the nurses - I feel like Im blabbing all the unmentionables and it can be so uncomfortable at times! After a year of doing it though, I'm on a first name basis with the receptionist and am so over caring!

I Believe in Miracles said...

I'm sorry to hear about this cycle. The spotting thing always used to throw me off in the beginning. The worst it was, I spotted 11 days before actually getting AF. The lease is usually 2-3 days. It's very bizarre. I stopped testing after the first cycle. I assumed spotting = bfn. I am glad to hear you're doing ok and preparing for the next go around. If we dwell too much, we can't move forward and it sounds like you're doing an awesome job moving forward.

What I hate about calling the RE office is when I get the answering machine. That is the worst. "I'm on cd1 and my IUI needs to be on cd13, 14 & 15 which is blah, blah, blah." Most of the time you can get the receptionist, but I never get the nurse. It always goes straight to her voicemail. The joys of a teaching hospital. Although I will fully admit - I used to not talk about anything like this (BD, IUI, AF, etc.) prior to this process and now it just seems second nature. The whole drop your pants for whatever dr happens to be doing the procedure and asking a male dr about when my husband and I can/have to bd before having the IUI... yup, it's getting easier and easier.

I hope you have a wonderful vacation! I can't wait for Olympics. I might be glued to the TV for a little while...


Courtney said...

I'm so sorry Courtney. Big hugs. I always feeling like a rambling idiot when I call the nurses so don't feel bad. I think they want us to get to the point so you are doing the right thing.

Hope2morrow said...

What a bummer. I'm sorry!

I guess I don't care about calling the RE anymore because I know it is normal. And I've been doing it for over a year and a half now. Trust me, it will get much easier. Bets f luck with your next cycle and enjoy your camping excursion!

Leslie Laine said...

Hope you have a great time camping - it was great for me to just get away for a few days this last weekend. I hope it will help you too. So sorry about your BFN. It never gets any easier, unfortunately. It's always such a disappointment. Thinking of you.