Thursday, August 14, 2008

End of Summer

Good Morning All!
As a teacher this is my last week of freedom before going back to teacher meetings. Even tomorrow is my first 'new teacher' meeting. Since I'm moving to a new district I have to be 'new' all over agian. How un-fun is that?
But, that meant that I got to have an early morning ultra-sound yesterday to check my follicles instead of the ususal after school rush. My DH even got to come.
We have this month: 4 follicles. Yup. On a measly 50 mg of clomid I made four follicles. Now, I'm not complaining because I know how awesome it is to ovulate regularly, but again, then what is the deal? If I'm so blessed to ovulate so well, why is my body like, "No. No baby for you." (that should be read with a russian accent)
I asked the ultrasound tech what she thought about my spotting for 5 days before my period last month and she said, "well, that doesn't sound normal. Maybe you were preganant but it didn't take".
Someone should tell her not speculate about stuff like that. makes a girl sad.
She also said that the next step for people like us is usually in-vitro.
She should think about not volunteering so much. Needless to say, after this 3rd try on clomid with timed intercourse we'll have a good ol' sit down with the Dr. I'm not worried yet, but seriously, I think I like the other ultrasound tech.
For those of you who did IUI's, what was the average cost? Did your insurance cover it?


I Believe in Miracles said...

Happy back to work --- that is if you want it to be. I know I'm not ready for the summer to be over yet!

I have spotting for days prior to AF. It was unexplained for me. The way the explained it - it's either physical or hormonal. Well - we did a ton of tests (HSG, hysto, u/s, sonohistogram) and it ruled out the possibility of it being physical - no polyps. The one test they didn't do was a lap (they go in through the belly button to check for endo). Thus, the latest conclusion - just hormonal. Weird.

Is yours a regular thing or just last month?

I think it's also odd that they'd suggest IVF instead of IUIs first. I would definitely follow up with the dr. Did your husband have an SA? Was it ok? Usually they try IUIs first (to avoid cervical mucus issues and get sperm directly into uterus) and then shift to IVF unless there is something seriously wrong. I would suggest asking about that first - it's a little less invasive (I think) than what I've seen with folks doing IVF. You could also ask about progesterone supplements for the spotting.

So far insurance has covered everything. MA is great that way. I think we're the best place in the country to have infertility as far as insurance coverage. We've just had a couple of copays and prescription copays. God was smiling on us in that respect.


Courtney said...

Hey Court! Big hugs. I think Miss know-it-all u/s tech needs to keep her mouth shut. I do not think she needs to speculate like that, and I don't think what she said was right. I would definitely mention the spotting to your doctor, but hopefully it was just a one time thing. I'm very excited for you and for your four follicles! How big are they...and when do you get to try? In normal situations, clinics do 3-6 cycles of clomid with bd timing, then 3-6 cycles with injections and iuis, and THEN they would do IVF. You are a long way off from IVF so don't worry about that right now!! The IUI is not bad at all, and it only cost us $180.00 (insurance did not cover it). Don't give up Courtney!! Baby dust and keep us updated!

Earl Gearl said...

What?!? That U/S tech needs to be slapped! In-vitro is the next step? What about IUI's? My IUI cycle cost about $1500.00 total out-of-pocket. My insurance doesn't pay for anything relating to infertility. Plus, what if it is just a cervix/cervical mucus issue? You wouldn't need to do IVF for that. Congrats on your four follies! I hope you don't need to think about next steps!

Shelby said...

I agree with earl gearl, that u/s tech was not in the right. They do not have the training to even offer such opinions.

As for me, IUIs vary drastically in price depending on coverage and location. I'm in the SF Bay Area, which is notoriously expensive, but when I lived in Idaho, it was much cheaper. Here and with clomid, out of pocket, it's around 1,000, but my HMO will likely pick up much of that, leaving the price at 300.

Definitely talk to the doctor about when to move on to IVF. Even with moderate male factor, we've been told to give IUI a few more shots (after 4, 1 being successful) before IVF. You respond so well to clomid, it seems silly to switch gears so quickly. But like I said, your doctor will know more than us folks who are not trained! Good luck!