Saturday, August 9, 2008

Clomid Round 3

So after a great week of camping I'm home. It was lovely to visit Lake Arr*owhead and Big Be*ar and even lake Gre*gory. It was a fun time with the DH and friends. It was fun to sit around at night and play card games. At home the TV is always on (even if I'm not watching it) so I guess I should be surprised that I didn't miss the TV at all. Although right now I'm watching olympic soccer, so I'll probably watch a little too much tv the next few weeks!
I took my 5 days of clomid while on vacation, and each cycle on clomid, I feel my ovaries. Isn't that weird? For all of you ladies who took this pill, I've read about some side effects. But for me the biggest is that I have no trouble locating my ovaries. They are full. I know this is a good thing, that they're building eggs (hopefully!) but I still have trouble thinking through last cycle. At least 3 eggs. What is stopping this from working? I wonder if my Luteal phase is irregular. Is there bloodwork a dr. can do to see if all is working correctly during the second part of my cycle? For initial testing I only had CD 3 bloodwork. Everything looked normal.
But I think that is what is so frustrating right now. Everything looks normal! But people, it has been 2 years! Boo! Something is obviously not normal...
If this cycle doesn't work we're due for a sit down with the RE to see what he suggests next.
I suggest a baby.
And oh yeah, We took some money from our 'baby fund' (meaning IVF if needed or actual baby stuff if needed) to buy a patio table. I have a feeling that money may not last very long! The table was a great deal though. I love great deals.


Leslie Laine said...

Hi Courtney - I, too, feel my ovaries when on clomid. It always makes me think that my body isn't doing what it's supposed to do without a little drug stimulation. I also get exactly what you are saying about it being 2 years - I said the same thing to my OB last week, and she told me that we just happen to fall into the 10% category of people whose infertility is just unexplained. She said that because of that, there is absolutely no reason IVF (or infertility treatments period) shouldn't work for us. Here's to hoping!! Glad you had a great camping trip.

Earl Gearl said...

Hey Courney, good luck with your clomid cycle. I found out what my ovaries were when I started clomid. I always have some cramping with my right ovary during my period. It's weird how meds can make you more aware of your body. I hope your RE can get you some answers soon or another protocol soon. Good luck with everything!

Courtney said...

Hey Court! Do they take your prog number on cd 21...and do you have a normal 14 day lp? If that is all normal, then I wouldn't worry about the second half of your cycle. Are you doing IUIs yet? Clomid can make your cm dry and hostile for the sperm. So if you are bding at home..try to drink lots of fluids during your fertile time, and you can take one Mucinex a day to thin out your cm. And pre-seed is the only sperm friendly is the best. You might already know this, but I just thought I would share just in case. I know it is tough to keep getting the negatives when everything seems to be working so well. Big hugs.

I Believe in Miracles said...

I totally feel pain when I'm on the clomid. Never had that before - especially around O time. I think the ovulation and periods are more painful on clomid, but I haven't quite had all the moodness, hot flashes, etc. affects. So I'm thankful.

I hear you on the waiting. We're headed to round 3 too. I'll b a couple days (maybe a week) behind you.

Leslie's comment is encouraging though. :o)

Hope2morrow said...

Ooh, here you go! Exciting times! God luck! Clomid made me have major hot flashes, and I produced too many eggs on it. I hope you have just the right amount.

Anonymous said...

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I have experienced some of these side effects-
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