Thursday, August 21, 2008

What to do during the 2ww...

Usually I'm pretty good about not worrying for the first week of the 2ww.But now I'm thinking again about my own self. 4 follicles. Some well timed Bd-ing. What's the deal! I've still got another week or so.
So now, what to do? I know some of you have some awesome lists of things to do during the 2ww. I'm going to go revisit those.
Praying for a baby here... Good luck no matter where you are in your cycles! Let's get some babies!


I Believe in Miracles said...

I agree!! Let's get some babies.

It's been kind of inspiring to see some of our IF friends get pregnant in the blogger world. It's giving me hope that it is possible.

I'm hoping this is YOUR month!!


Courtney said...

hey court!! I really hope this is your month! I feel ya on the 2ww thing. I had a post a long time ago about things to do, but I think even if we keep ourselves is still going to be a hard 2ww. Keep us updated1

Hope2morrow said...

Ah! The two week window! To me, it's the worst part of the whole process. But if it brings success, two weeks is nothing!

I Believe in Miracles said...

You made me laugh SO hard with your comment. Thank you. I needed that. For IUI #2 I'm going to tell the swimmers directions... hopefully they'll meet the eggie this time. :o)

How's the 2ww going?

Shelby said...


Thanks for stopping by in my neck of the woods. I hope the 2 WW goes faster for you. It is gut wrenchingly slow, isn't it? One of the cruelest tricks of IF. I hope you get your baby!